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    12V/24V DC Brushless Cooling Blower Fan, 120mmx32mm

    Buy a portable brushless DC cooling blower fan online, with a rated voltage of 12V or 24V and a rated speed of 4000 rpm, size 120mmx120mmx32mm. This 3d printer blower fan can be easily installed in small spaces, providing powerful cooling where it is needed most.
    SKU: ATO-CBF-1232
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    120mm DC centrifugal fan for sale, rated voltage 12 volt or 24 volt, airflow 0.88 m3/min, cooling blower fan speed 3300 rpm. The cooling blower fan has a compact design and is ideal for use in small spaces.


    Model ATO-SJ1232
    Rated Voltage 12V 24V
    Rated Current 1.2A 0.60A
    Rated Power 14.4W
    Fan Speed 3300 rpm
    Noise 51 dB
    Air Volume 0.88 m3/min
    Frame Heat shrinkable polyester, environmentally friendly & fire resistant
    Fan Blades Heat shrinkable polyester, environmental friendly & fire resistant
    Bearing Type Ball Bearing & Oil Bearing
    Lead Wire 1007 24AWG Red+ Black- 1007 24A WG Red + Black
    Motor Protection Impedance protection, reverse polarity protection, automatic restart
    Operating Voltage 3.5V~6.5V, 6V~13.8V, 12V~26.5V
    Operating Temperature/Humidity -10°C~70°C 35%~ 85%RH
    Storage Temperature/Humidity -40°C~80°C 35%~85%RH
    Weight 278g

    Dimension: (Unit: mm)

    120mm cooling blower fan dimension

    Performance Curve

    120mm cooling blower fan performance curve

    Cooling blower fans are widely used in various industries and applications where cooling is required, such as computer cooling systems, industrial machinery, and HVAC systems. These fans work by drawing in hot air and blowing it out to dissipate heat, thereby maintaining a safe operating temperature. They are also commonly used in automotive applications to cool engines and other components. Additionally, cooling blower fans are used in medical equipment and scientific instruments where precise temperature control is essential for accurate measurements and analysis.

    Cooling blower fan applications

    Tips: What is a cooling blower fan?

    A cooling blower fan is a type of mechanical fan that is used to cool down electronic or mechanical devices. These fans work by drawing cooler air from the surrounding environment and directing it towards the device or component that needs to be cooled.

    The fan blades of a cooling blower are designed to create a continuous flow of air by drawing it in through an inlet and expelling it out through an outlet. They are typically powered by an electric motor and can vary in size and speed depending on the requirements of the device being cooled.

    Cooling blower fans are commonly used in computers, servers, power supplies, and other electronic devices that generate a lot of heat. They can also be used in industrial applications to cool machinery and other equipment. By maintaining a steady flow of cool air, these fans help to prevent overheating and damage to the devices they are cooling.

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