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    Copper Ion Selective Electrode

    Copper ion selective electrode (Cu-ISE) is a sensor used to measure the concentration of copper ions in a solution. It consists of a membrane selectively permeable to copper ions, made of copper sulfide or copper halides. Low price ISE electrode needs to be used in conjunction with a reference electrode and an ion meter.
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    ATO Cu-ISEs are valuable in environmental monitoring, industrial processes, and research applications where precise measurement of copper levels is crucial. They offer advantages such as simplicity, rapid response, and selectivity for copper ions, enabling accurate and efficient monitoring of copper concentrations in various liquid samples.


    Model ATO-PCu-1-01
    Electrode Type Specific Electrode
    Ion Copper Ion (Cu2+)
    Standard Solution Cu(NO3)2
    Measuring Range 5x10-7~10-1mol/L
    Ionic Strength Adjuster (Powder) Small Amount of NaNO3
    High-end Ionic Strength Regulator Ionic Strength Regulator Type Ⅰ
    Sensitive Film Material Salt Film
    Shell Material Plexiglass
    Working Temperature 5℃~60℃
    Interface BNC (Q9 Type)
    Working pH 4~10
    Dimension φ12*120mm
    Reference Electrode ATO-CK2SO41
    Supporting Equipment pH Meter, Ion Meter, Multi-Parameter Analyzer, Titrator


    Copper ion selective electrode ISE dimension


    Copper ion selective electrode ISE detail


    Copper ion selective electrode ISE application

    Tips: How to maintain a copper ion selective electrode?

    To maintain a copper ion-selective electrode, follow these steps: First, rinse the electrode with deionized water to remove any contaminants. Use a soft brush or cloth to clean the electrode tip gently. If the electrode becomes coated or contaminated, immerse it in a diluted acid solution, such as 0.1 M HCl, for a short period, followed by rinsing with deionized water. Calibrate the electrode regularly using standard copper ion solutions to ensure accuracy. Store the electrode in a proper storage solution when not in use to prevent drying out and maintain its sensitivity. Check for any signs of damage or wear, and replace the reference and sensing elements if necessary. Adhering to these maintenance practices will enhance the longevity and reliability of the copper ion-selective electrode.

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