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    Iodide Ion Selective Electrode

    Buy iodide ion selective electrode (ISE) online at favorable price. This iodide ion selective electrode is a sensor designed to measure the concentration of iodide ions in a solution. It offers advantages such as specificity, sensitivity, and rapid response, making it a valuable tool in analytical chemistry for iodide ion detection. This specific electrode needs to be used in conjunction with a reference electrode and an ion meter.
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    The iodide ISE consists of a solid-state membrane selectively permeable to iodide ions and an internal reference electrode. When immersed in a solution containing iodide ions, an electrical potential is generated, which can be measured to determine the iodide ion concentration. This electrode is particularly useful in applications such as environmental monitoring, pharmaceuticals, and food analysis, where iodide levels are critical.


    Model ATO-PI-1-01
    Electrode Type Specific Electrode
    Ion Iodide Ion (I-)
    Standard Solution KI
    Measuring Range 5x10-7~10-1mol/L
    Ionic Strength Adjuster (Powder) Small Amount of KNO3
    High-end Ionic Strength Regulator Ionic Strength Regulator Type Ⅰ
    Sensitive Film Material Salt Film
    Shell Material Plexiglass
    Working Temperature 5℃~60℃
    Interface BNC (Q9 Type)
    Working pH 4~8
    Dimension φ12*120mm
    Reference Electrode ATO-217-01
    Supporting Equipment pH Meter, Ion Meter, Multi-Parameter Analyzer, Titrator


    Iodide ion selective electrode ISE dimension


    Iodide ion selective electrode ISE detail


    Iodide ion selective electrode ISE application

    Tips: What are the iodide ISEs commonly used for?

    Iodide ion-selective electrodes (ISEs) are commonly used for measuring iodide concentration in various analytical applications. These electrodes are particularly valuable in titrations, where they determine the endpoint of reactions involving iodine or iodide. Iodide ISEs are extensively employed in pharmaceutical, environmental, and food industries for quality control and research purposes. They find applications in iodometric titrations, detecting trace amounts of iodide in solutions, and monitoring iodide levels in samples like biological fluids. The sensitivity and selectivity of iodide ISEs make them crucial in studies related to iodine metabolism, thyroid function, and the determination of iodine content in different matrices. Their use extends to fields such as clinical chemistry, water analysis, and food testing, contributing to accurate and efficient iodide concentration measurements in diverse samples.

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