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    Sodium Ion Selective Electrode

    Economical price sodium ion selective electrode (ISE) for sale online. It is a specialized electrochemical sensor designed to measure the concentration of sodium ions in a solution. Specific electrode needs to be used in conjunction with a reference electrode and composite ISE consists of a reference electrode and a sensing electrode.
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    ISEs are widely used in various applications, including environmental monitoring, medical diagnostics, and industrial processes, and play a vital role in quantifying sodium levels in diverse fields, contributing to the understanding and control of sodium-related processes and conditions. They offer advantages such as high sensitivity, rapid response, and minimal interference from other ions.


    Model ATO-701 ATO-6801-01 ATO-6801-A
    Electrode Type Composite Electrode Specific Electrode Specific Electrode
    Ion Sodium Ion (Na+) Sodium Ion (Na+) Sodium Ion (Na+)
    Standard Solution NaCl NaCl NaCl
    Measuring Range 10-6~10-1mol/L 10-6~1mol/L 10-6~1mol/L
    23ug/L~2.3g/L 23ug/L~23g/L, 0~6pNa 23ug/L~23g/L, 0~6pNa
    Ionic Strength Adjuster (Powder) 0.2mol/L of Diisopropylamine 0.2mol/L of Diisopropylamine 0.2mol/L of Diisopropylamine
    High-end Ionic Strength Regulator Ionic Strength Regulator Type VII Ionic Strength Regulator Type VII Ionic Strength Regulator Type VII
    Sensitive Film Material Glass Bulb Glass Bulb Glass Bulb
    Shell Material Glass Glass Glass
    Working Temperature 5℃~45℃ 20℃~40℃ 20℃~40℃
    Interface BNC (Q9 Type) BNC (Q9 Type) BNC (Q9 Type)
    Liquid Junction Ceramic Sand Core Single Salt Bridge / /
    Reference Filling Fluid 1 mol/L NH4Cl / /
    Reference Structure Ag/ AgCl / /
    Reference Electrode Built-in ATO-6802-01 ATO-6802
    Dimension φ12*120mm φ12*120mm φ12*120mm
    Supporting Equipment Sodium Ion Meter Sodium Ion Meter Sodium Ion Meter


    Sodium ion selective electrode ISE dimension


    Sodium ion selective electrode ISE detail


    Calcium ion selective electrode ISE application

    Tips: What are the potential interferences in sodium ISE measurements?

    Sodium ion-selective electrode (ISE) measurements may be susceptible to various interferences. Common challenges include ion interference from other cations, such as potassium and lithium, which can cross-react with the electrode and lead to inaccurate sodium readings. pH fluctuations can also impact results, as the sensitivity of the electrode may vary with changes in sample acidity. Additionally, substances like proteins and lipids can foul the electrode membrane, affecting its selectivity and response. Temperature variations may influence electrode performance, requiring temperature compensation for accurate readings. Presence of surfactants or complexing agents in the sample can further complicate measurements. Regular calibration, proper sample preparation, and adherence to recommended procedures can help mitigate these interferences and ensure reliable sodium ISE measurements.

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