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    Bromide Ion Selective Electrode

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    Economical price bromide ion selective electrode (ISE) is a type of sensor used to measure the concentration of bromide ions (Br-) in a solution, measuring range from 5x10-6 to 10-1mol/L, plexiglass shell material. ISE is an analytical device that responds selectively to specific ions in a solution. This bromide ion selective electrode needs to be used with a reference electrode and ion meter, which is widely used in analytical chemistry and environmental monitoring.
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    Bromide ion selective electrode (ISE) is a specialized sensor designed to measure the concentration of bromide ions (Br-) in a solution. It operates based on the principle of selective ion exchange, where the electrode membrane selectively allows bromide ions to pass through, generating a potential that is proportional to the logarithm of the bromide ion activity in the solution.


    Model ATO-PBr-1-01
    Electrode Type Specific Electrode
    Ion Bromide Ion (Br-)
    Standard Solution NaBr
    Measuring Range 5x10-6~10-1mol/L
    Ionic Strength Adjuster (Powder) Small Amount of KNO3
    High-end Ionic Strength Regulator Ionic Strength Regulator Type Ⅰ
    Sensitive Film Material Salt Film
    Shell Material Plexiglass
    Working Temperature 5℃~60℃
    Interface BNC (Q9 Type)
    Working pH 4~10
    Dimension φ12*120mm
    Reference Electrode ATO-217-01
    Supporting Equipment pH Meter, Ion Meter, Multi-Parameter Analyzer, Titrator


    Bromide ion selective electrode ISE dimension


    Bromide ion selective electrode ISE detail


    Bromide ion selective electrode ISE application

    Tips: How does a bromide ion selective electrode work?

    A bromide ion-selective electrode (ISE) operates based on the Nernst equation and selective permeability of a membrane to bromide ions. The electrode consists of a reference electrode and a sensing electrode with a bromide-selective membrane. This membrane allows only bromide ions to pass through, creating a potential difference across the electrode interface. The Nernst equation relates this potential difference to the concentration of bromide ions in the sample solution. As the concentration of bromide ions changes, the voltage across the electrode also changes, providing a measurable signal. The electrode is sensitive to bromide ions and exhibits a linear response within a specific concentration range. This makes bromide ISEs valuable tools in analytical chemistry for accurately determining bromide ion concentrations in various samples, such as water or biological fluids.

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    Long lasting and value for money
    Very happy with my purchase of the the bromide ion selective electrode. Not only is the instrument itself compact and easy to carry, but it is also durable. The efficiency of my lab work has increased significantly since the purchase, and it is an excellent value for money and a reliable research tool.
    From: Obsideus | Date: 24/11/2023
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