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    SCE Saturated Calomel Electrode

    Buy SCE saturated calomel electrode online for ion selective electrode. This SCE double salt bridge reference electrode consists of a glass tube filled with a saturated solution of potassium chloride (KCl) and a mercury/mercurous chloride (Hg2Cl2) electrode immersed in the solution.
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    Saturated calomel reference electrodes (SCEs) are commonly employed in laboratories for measuring and controlling the potential in electrochemical cells. They find extensive use in potentiometric titrations, pH measurements, and corrosion studies.


    Model ATO-217-01
    Electrode Type Saturated Calomel (Hg/ Hg2Cl2) Reference Electrode
    Reference Type Saturated Calomel Double Salt Bridge Type
    Salt Bridge Material Ceramic Sand Core
    Filling Liquid Saturated KCl
    Shell Material Glass
    Temperature Range 5℃~55℃
    Dimension φ12*120mm
    Connector U-Shaped Fork Piece


    SCE saturated calomel electrode dimension


    SCE saturated calomel electrode detail


    Ag/ AgCl reference electrode application

    Tips: What are the applications of SCE electrode in research or industry?

    The standard calomel electrode (SCE) serves as a widely used reference electrode in electrochemical research and industrial applications. In research, it is crucial for measuring and controlling electrochemical reactions in studies related to corrosion, battery technology, and material science. The saturated calomel electrode provides a stable and reproducible reference potential, enabling accurate comparison of electrochemical data across different experiments. In industrial settings, the SCE plays a pivotal role in processes such as electroplating, where precise control of electrochemical reactions is essential for product quality and efficiency. Its compatibility with various electrolytes and stability under different conditions make the SCE a versatile tool for maintaining a constant reference potential, ensuring the reliability and reproducibility of electrochemical measurements in both research and industry.

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