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    Chloride Ion Selective Electrode

    ATO chloride ion-selective electrode (ISE) is a sensor used with a reference electrode and ion meter in analytical chemistry to measure the concentration of chloride ions (Cl-) in a solution, measuring range from 10-1 to 5x10-5mol/L. The low price specific electrode consists of a membrane selective to chloride ions, made of silver chloride, surrounded by a reference solution containing a fixed concentration of chloride ions.
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    The chloride ion-selective electrode (ISE) is widely employed in environmental monitoring, medical diagnostics, and industrial processes where accurate Chloride measurements are essential. It offers advantages such as high sensitivity, rapid response, and ease of use, making it a valuable sensor in various fields for quantifying Chloride levels in diverse sample matrices.


    Model ATO-PCl-1-01
    Electrode Type Specific Electrode
    Ion Chloride Ion (Cl-)
    Standard Solution KCl
    Measuring Range 10-1~5x10-5mol/L
    Ionic Strength Adjuster (Powder) Small Amount of KNO3
    High-end Ionic Strength Regulator Ionic Strength Regulator Type Ⅰ
    Sensitive Film Material Crystal Film
    Shell Material Plexiglass
    Working Temperature 5℃~60℃
    Interface BNC (Q9 Type)
    Working pH 2~10
    Dimension φ12*120mm
    Reference Electrode ATO-CK2SO41
    Supporting Equipment pH Meter, Ion Meter, Multi-Parameter Analyzer, Titrator


    Chloride ion selective electrode ISE dimension


    Chloride ion selective electrode ISE detail


    Ion selective electrode ISE application

    Tips: What are the factors affecting the performance of a chloride ion selective electrode?

    The performance of a chloride ion-selective electrode (Cl-ISE) is influenced by several key factors. Firstly, the membrane composition plays a crucial role, affecting the selectivity and sensitivity of the electrode. The type and concentration of ionophores, lipophilic additives, and plasticizers in the membrane impact the electrode's response to chloride ions. Additionally, the quality and thickness of the membrane influence the diffusion kinetics of chloride ions. The reference electrode used, typically a silver/silver chloride electrode, also contributes to performance. External factors such as temperature and pH can impact the electrode's response, necessitating proper calibration and compensation. Maintenance and storage conditions, including proper cleaning procedures, are vital for prolonged electrode functionality. Overall, a comprehensive understanding and control of these factors are essential for optimizing the accuracy and reliability of chloride ion measurements using selective electrodes.

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