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    Calomel Electrode, Hg/ Hg2Cl2 Electrode

    Favorable price calomel reference electrode is a widely used electrochemical reference electrode in analytical chemistry and electrochemical research. Hg/ Hg2Cl2 electrode consists of a mercury-based electrode immersed in a saturated potassium chloride (KCl) solution, separated from the test solution by a porous ceramic junction.
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    Calomel (Hg/ Hg2Cl2) reference electrodes have a stable and well-defined potential, making them suitable for precise measurements. They exhibit low impedance and are insensitive to light, making them advantageous for various electrochemical applications.


    Model ATO-6802
    Electrode Type Calomel (Hg/ Hg2Cl2) Reference Electrode
    Reference Type Calomel Single Salt Bridge Type
    Salt Bridge Material Ceramic Sand Core
    Filling Liquid 0.1mol/L KCl
    Shell Material Glass
    Temperature Range 5℃~55℃
    Dimension φ12*120mm
    Connector U-Shaped Fork Piece


    Calomel reference electrode dimension


    Calomel reference electrode application

    Tips: What are the types of reference electrodes?

    Reference electrodes are crucial in electrochemical measurements, providing a stable potential against which the working electrode potential is measured. Common types include the Standard Hydrogen Electrode (SHE), offering a precise potential but impractical due to handling difficulties. The Ag/AgCl electrode is widely used in aqueous solutions, providing stability and ease of use. Another variant is the saturated calomel electrode (SCE), featuring a mercury-based redox system. Non-aqueous systems often employ the silver/silver ion electrode. Pseudo-reference electrodes, like the ferrocene/ferrocenium (Fc/Fc+) couple, offer advantages in organic solvents. Solid-state reference electrodes, such as those based on ion-conductive ceramics, present alternatives with enhanced durability. Choosing the appropriate reference electrode depends on the specific electrochemical system, considering factors like solvent, potential range, and experimental conditions.

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