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    Hydraulic Orbital Motor, 250cc/rev

    Factory price hydraulic orbital motor with high performance shaft, can bear high pressure, high speed and high radial force. Mounting flanges of 2 bolts and 4 bolts, easy to install. 250cc/r displacement, max. speed up to 281 rpm, torque up to 378Nm, can be used in parallel or series.
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    ATO hydraulic orbital motor is widely applied in agriculture machinery, fishing machinery, plastic industry, mining, and construction machinery, especially fitted to lower load applications, such as plastic injection mold machines, cleaners, grass cutters, winches, conveyors, slews, sweeper drives, augers, cutters, mowers and chippers.


    Model ATO-OMP-250
    Shaft Type (Optional) Flat Key, Splined
    Flange Type (Optional) 2 Bolts, 4 Bolts
    Displacement 250 cc/rev (250 cm3/rev)
    Working Pressure 15 MPa
    Flow Continuous 57 LPM
    Intermittent 68 LPM
    Max.Speed Continuous 235 rpm
    Intermittent 281 rpm
    Pressure Continuous 100 ∆Bar
    Intermittent 124 ∆Bar
    Torque Continuous 304 Nm
    Intermittent 378 Nm
    Weight 8kg


    • A simultaneous maximum torque and maximum speed are not recommended.
    • ∆Bar refers to true pressure difference between inlet port and outlet port.
    • Continuous Rating means that the motor may be run continuously at these ratings.
    • Intermittent operation refers to that the motor running time must not exceed 10% per minute under this condition.

    *To assure the best orbital motor life, run it for approximately one hour at 30% of rated pressure before application to full load. Be sure this motor is filled with fluid before any load applications.

    Dimensions (Unit: mm)

    Dimensions of hydraulic orbital motor


    Hydraulic Orbital Motor Shaft (Unit: mm)

    motor shafts of hydraulic orbital motor

    Flange Types (Unit: mm)

    2 bolt flange hydraulic orbital motor

    4 bolt flange hydraulic orbital motor



    Hydraulic Orbital Motor Details

    Tips: Troubleshooting of hydraulic orbital motor

    Failures Reasons Solutions
    Hydraulic orbital motor temperature is too high Overloaded Load as required
    The parts are damaged, especially the stator Replace damaged parts
    Excessive noise The hydraulic system has air Exclude the air in the system according to the operation precautions
    Overspeed Adjust motor speed
    Parts are damaged Replace damaged parts
    Oil leakage at the shaft end Damaged or scratched sealing ring Replace the sealing ring
    Dirt or water in the input end causes the shaft to rust Remove spline rust
    Excessive radial load The radial load shall not exceed the specified value
    Excessive back pressure Connect to external drain pipe
    Oil leakage on both sides of the stator O ring is damaged Replace the sealing ring
    Dirt or burrs on the joint surface Disassemble, clean and deburr
    Back cover bolts are not tight Tighten the bolts
    Shaft does not rotate Work device stuck Check working device
    System problem Check the system
    Large radial axial load Check installation
    Insufficient torque The oil temperature is too high or the oil viscosity is too low Enhanced cooling
    The motor efficiency is reduced due to the wear of the rotor or the small linkage shaft Replace worn parts
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