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    Industrial Camera Lens, Fixed Focus, 1/1.8", 6mm, F/1.6, C-Mount

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    1/1.8" 6.0mm F/1.4 fixed focus lens for industrial camera, manual iris, C-mount, has a resolution of 5 Mega Pixel with good image quality and nice color, an ideal choice for machine vision.
    SKU: ATO-LEN-0616
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    6.0mm, F/1.4, indutrial camera fixed focus lens is high-quality and high-performance, to help users obtain realistic and clear images. It is ideal for various industrial detection, intelligent transportation and machine vision.

    Lens Specification

    Model LEM-0616-MP5
    Sensor 1/1.8 CCD/CMOS
    Image Format (HxV, D) 7.18×5.38, 8.933
    Format/Image Size 1/1.8"
    Focal Length/EFL 6.0mm
    F-number/Aperture F/1.6
    Field of View (FOV) / 1/1.8" 2/3"
    Diagonal (D) 71.7° 65.8°
    Horizontal (H) 60.1° 54.6°
    Vertical (V) 46.6° 42.1°
    Back Focal Length 7.94mm
    Lens Effective Diameter Front ∅21.56mm
    Back ∅10.1mm
    Lens Construction 10-9
    TV Distortion < -0.54%
    Resolution 5 Mega Pixel
    Relative Illumination > 61.3%
    Iris Type Manual
    Max Chief Ray Angle 16.44°
    MOD 0.1m
    Mount C-Mount / 1-32UNF
    TTL 60.49mm
    Dimension (∅×L) ∅36×44.70mm

    Industrial Camera Lens Dimension

    6mm f/1.6 industrial camera fixed focus lens dimension

    Tips: How to choose a right lens for industrial camera?

    1. Field of View, optical magnification, and desired working distance
    When selecting a lens for industrial camera, we will select a lens that is slightly larger than the field of view of the measured object to facilitate motion control.
    2. Depth of field
    Use a small aperture as much as possible if the project has a demand for depth of field. When selecting a lens with a high magnification, use a low magnification lens as much as possible if permitted under the project. If the project requirements are very strict, high depth of field sophisticated lenses tend to be chosen.
    3. Chip size and industrial camera interface
    For example, a 2/3” lens can fit the largest industrial camera with a surface of 2/3”. It cannot fit an industrial camera with more than 1 inch.
    4. Take attention to the cooperation with the light source.
    Select the right lens for industrial camera based on the light source.

    1. Industrial Camera PDF Catalogue

    GigE Vision Industrial Camera Catalog.pdf

    USB Industrial Camera Catalog.pdf

    2. Industrial Lens PDF Catalogue

    Industrial Camera Lens Catalog.pdf

    Existing reviews of Industrial Camera Lens, Fixed Focus, 1/1.8", 6mm, F/1.6, C-Mount
    Nice lens
    Easy to use! Took it out of the box and plugged it in, instant live feed.
    From: Fitch | Date: 02/11/2023
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