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    Industrial Camera Lens, Fixed Focus, 1/1.8", 8mm, F/1.4, C-Mount

    Manual iris fixed-focus lens is compact size and light weight for industrial camera with C-mount (1-32UNF), format 1/1.8", focal length 8.0mm, and aperture f/1.4, to capture high-quality photos with a resolution of 5 Mega Pixel.
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    Indutrial camera fixed focus lens with focal length 8.0mm and aperture F/1.4 is high cost-performance, to help users obtain realistic and clear images. It is ideal choice for various industrial detection, intelligent transportation and machine vision.

    Lens Specification

    Model LEM-0814-MP5
    Sensor 1/1.8 CCD/CMOS
    Image Format (HxV, D) 7.18×5.38, 8.933
    Format/Image Size 1/1.8"
    Focal Length/EFL 8.0mm
    F-number/Aperture F/1.4
    Field of View (FOV) / 1/1.8" 2/3"
    Diagonal (D) 56° 50.8°
    Horizontal (H) 46° 41.5°
    Vertical (V) 35.5° 31.7°
    Back Focal Length 9.03mm
    Lens Effective Diameter Front ∅16.84mm
    Back ∅9.0mm
    Lens Construction 10-9
    TV Distortion < -0.29%
    Resolution 5 Mega Pixel
    Relative Illumination > 74.9%
    Iris Type Manual
    Max Chief Ray Angle 14.01°
    MOD 0.1m
    Mount C-Mount / 1-32UNF
    TTL 53.37mm
    Dimension (∅×L) ∅29×38mm

    Industrial Camera Lens Dimension

    8mm f/1.4 industrial camera fixed focus lens dimension

    Tips: Differences of industrial camera lens interfaces
    There are three international standards for industrial camera lenses: F mount, C mount and CS mount.
    F mount is a general-purpose interface, generally applicable to the lens with a focal length of more than 25mm. When the focal length of the lens is less than 25mm, the size of the lens is not large, and a C-mount or CS-mount is generally used.
    The difference between the C and CS mount is the distance from the indutrial lens and the camera contact surface (datum plane) to the camera focal plane (position of the industrial camera CCD photoelectric sensor), that is, the flange distance is different. And the flange distance of the C mount is 17.5mm. The CS interface flange is 12.5mm.
    A 5mm C/CS adapter ring can be used in conjunction with the C-mount industrial lens and the CS-mount indutrial camera. The CS–mount lens cannot be used with the C-mount camera.

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