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    K type Thermocouple Probe, Sheath Diameter 1mm

    Sheath thermocouple probe has micro sheath diameter Ф1mm, with flexibility, high pressure resistant, fast thermal response time and warranty 1 year. K type thermocouple probe can be directly used to measure the temperature of liquid, vapor and gas medium in the range of 0~1000 ℃ (32~1832℉) in various production processes.
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    As a temperature sensor, the plug-in K type thermocouple probe is usually used with temperature controller, paperless recorder and signal isolators to form a temperature monitoring system. Sheath thermocouple probe with sheath diameter 1mm also can be used as a temperature sensing element for assembly thermocouple.

    Application: Thermocouple probe can be used for chemical equipment, environmental protection equipment, boiler equipment and vacuum furnace in petrochemical, metal smelting and other fields.


    Model ATO-TC-WRNK-191
    Weight 50g
    Type of probe K type
    Measuring range 0~1000℃ (32~1832℉)
    Thermal response time (s) 5s
    Probe length * 50mm, 100mm, 200mm, customizable
    Diameter of probe 1mm
    Cable type * Metal shielded cable, PTFE corrosion-resistant cable
    Cable length * 1m, 2m, 3m, 5m, 6m customizable
    Installing form I1: No fixed device
    Connection * C1: Y type terminals
    C2: Pin type terminals

    Note: * denotes optional parameters, you can select parameters in drop-down lists to finish your order. Some customizable parameters can't be selected from the lists directly, please contact customer service staff for further communication.

    Tips: How to properly calculate the temperature sensor insertion depth?

    In order to ensure the measurement accuracy, usually, all the sensitive sections of the temperature sensor are inserted into the measured medium. Then the required immersion length of the temperature sensor is:

    1. When measuring gas, the insertion depth of the thermocouple should be more than 95mm, and the insertion depth of the RTD sensor and bimetal temperature sensor should be more than 115mm.
    2. When measuring liquid, the insertion depth of thermocouple, RTD sensor and bimetal temperature sensor should all be greater than 46mm.
    3. Then the insertion depth of temperature sensor = connector + wall thickness + immersion length.
    4. If the diameter of the pipeline is too small (diameter less than 80mm), an enlarged pipeline should be made when installing a temperature sensor.
    5. For the temperature measurement of general tower equipment, when the temperature sensor is installed horizontally, the temperature sensor insertion depth is 300-400mm. For the temperature measurement of the boiler hearth, the temperature sensor is mostly installed horizontally. Except for the thickness of the refractory bricks of the furnace body, just need to insert 150mm into the furnace.

    1. Cast set of thread joint

    Clip sleeve threaded joint dimension

    Armoured thermocouple Φ8 Φ6 Φ5 (Φ4) Φ4 Φ3 Φ2 and below
    Fixing device number and size (mm)
    M M16*1.5 M12*1.5
    S 22 19

    2. Sleeve flange

    Sleeve flange

    Armoured thermocouple Φ8 Φ6 Φ5 (Φ4) Φ4 Φ3 Φ2 and below
    Fixing device number and size (mm)
    D Φ60 Φ50
    D0 Φ42 Φ36
    D1 Φ24 Φ20
    S 22 19
    d0 Φ9 Φ7
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