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    RS232/ 485/ 422 to Fiber Converter

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    Cheap price serial to fiber converter online for sale. The fiber optic converter supports RS232/ 485/ 422 asynchronous protocols, input voltage DC9-48V, 200mA, wavelength 1310 nm (muti mode), 1310/ 1550 nm (single mode). The fiber converter is widely used in industrial automation control network system and security monitoring control network system.
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    Factory price RS232/ 485/ 422 to fiber converter with the fastest transmission rate for RS-232 can be 115.2 kbps, and for RS-485/422 can be 460 kbps, the communication distance can be as far as 4km at multimode, and 20km at single mode.


    Model UT-277SM
    Asynchronous transmission Point to point, 460 kbps
    Input voltage DC9-48V, 200mA
    Port RS232/ RS485/ RS422 ports
    Wavelength 1310 nm (muti mode), 1310/ 1550 nm (single mode)
    Interface RS-232/ RS485/ RS422: Terminal block; fiber port: with optional SC/ FC/ ST
    RS-232 Standard RS-232 3 wire ±15kV ESD protection, as high as 115.2 kbps transmission rate
    RS-485/ 422 Auto negotiation, no need switch setting, ±15kV ESD protection
    Certificate CE
    Warranty 12 months

    Dimension (inch/ mm)

    Dimension of rs232/ 485/ 422 to fiber converter


    Fiber Converter Details

    Tips: What is Fiber Converter?

    RS232/ 485/ 422 optical fiber converter realizes one RS232 or RS485 or RS422 through single-mode optical fiber for long-distance transmission. This product has the characteristics of RS485/ 422 interface supporting multi-machine communication and convenient networking . At the same time, due to the use of optical fiber as the transmission medium, it has the advantages of high isolation voltage, anti-electromagnetic interference, and anti-lightning strike.
    232/ 485 optical fiber converter is widely used in various industrial control, distributed data acquisition and other occasions, especially suitable for power system automation, traffic control and other departments.

    Existing reviews of RS232/ 485/ 422 to Fiber Converter
    Raliable and stable fiber converter
    The converter is compact and easy to install, and the plug-and-play feature has allowed us to quickly set it up without requiring any technical expertise. The price is also very affordable, making it a very pleasant purchase.
    From: Maxwell | Date: 20/02/2023
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    Wonderful fiber converter
    So far the best fiber converter I have installed. It is well-built and easy to install. Working great  and zero issues with connectivity. I am very satisfied with this shopping experience. And I hope you can enjoy it too.
    From: David | Date: 22/03/2022
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