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    Single Mode Fiber Converter

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    Economical price single mode RS232/ RS485/ RS422 to fiber converter with 20000m/ 40000m (single mode), the single mode fiber converter supports point to point or loop circuit (point to multi point) connection, also supports 2 bits (half-duplex) & 4 bits (full-duplex) RS485 operating mode. The fiber converter single mode has the advantages of high isolation voltage, anti-electromagnetic interference, and anti-lightning strike.
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    Good price RS232/ RS485/ RS422 to fiber converter single mode with interface of optional SC, FC, ST, with the transmission rate 460 kbps, single mode fiber converter supports RS-232, RS-485/422 working at the same time.


    Model UT-2577SM
    Port RS232/ RS485/ RS422 ports
    Asynchronous transmission Point to point, 460 kbps
    Transmission distance 20000/ 40000m single mode
    Operating temperature -40-85
    Operating wavelength 1310 nm (muti mode), 1310/ 1550 nm (single mode)
    Interface RS-232/ RS485/ RS422: Terminal block; fiber port: with optional SC/ FC/ ST
    Input voltage DC9-48V, 200mA
    RS-232 Standard RS232 3-pin terminal block, with ±15kV ESD protection, max. transmission rate can be 115.2kbps transmission rate
    RS-485/ 422 ±15kV ESD protection, provides 600W surge protection to each bit
    Certificate CE
    Warranty 12 months

    Dimension (inch/ mm)

    Dimension of single mode fiber converter


    Fiber Converter Details

    Tips: Features of Fiber Converter.

    Generally, the longest distance of multi-mode fiber converter is 4km; single-mode is 40km.
    Single-mode and multi-mode can also be converted mutually to realize the networking function of multi-machine communication and relay conversion.
    1. Optical fiber interface adopts dual SC (FIBER-TX, FIBER-RX) interface.
    2. The physical interface of the serial port is in the form of 12-hole binding posts.
    3. The serial port provides RS232, RS422 and RS485 three interfaces at the same time, which has a wider range of applications.
    4. RS-485 adopts advanced automatic flow control technology, which can automatically identify signal flow direction.
    5. The serial port end is adaptive to RS232, RS422 and RS485 interfaces, no external working mode selection switch, simpler and more convenient to use.

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    Great value
    I needed to buy a fiber optic converter and was referred to the ATO for this one. The device is easy to use and so far has had no issues.
    From: Hutch | Date: 11/01/2022
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