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    Surge Protection Device, Type 2, 100/120/150kA

    Type 2 Surge Protection Device, with max. discharge current 100/120/150kA available, helps to protect three-phase power system from the harm of lightning strikes and voltage surge, and also has fast response time, visible color change for SPD aging failure, and favorable price.
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    Surge protective device (SPD) is suitable for 3-phase power distribution system like IT, TT, TN-S etc. The SPD has two protection modes, L-PE/N-PE and L-N/N-PE. The SPD features a large current capacity, low residual voltage and also has built-in alarm function for the thermal runaway.


    Model ZMP1-100 ZMP1-120 ZMP1-150
    Maximum Continuous Operating Voltage Uc (VAC) 420 385 275 420 385 275 420 385 275
    Voltage Protection Level Up (kV) ≤2.6kV ≤2.5kV ≤1.8kV ≤2.7kV ≤2.6kV ≤2.0kV ≤3.2kV ≤3.0kV ≤2kV
    Nominal Discharge Current (8/20 µs) In (kA) 60kA 80kA 100kA
    Max. Discharge Current (8/20 µs) Imax (kA) 100kA 120kA 150kA
    Number of Poles 1 Pole, 2 Pole, 3 Pole, 4 Pole
    Response Time (ns) <25ns
    Protection Grade IP20
    Indication of Invalidation Ageing failure: white - normal, red - failure
    Application Primary protection for in line
    Installation 35mm DIN Rail
    Remarks Other maximum continuous operating voltage Uc 175V, 440V, and 690V can be customized.

    * It shall adopt 10~35mm² copper conductor to wire SPD, and the earthing wire shall be dual color multi-strand soft copper conductor more than 16mm².

    SPD Dimensions
    surge protection device dimensions
    Tips: Protection grade of surge protection device
    Because of the huge energy of a lightning strike, it is necessary to gradually discharge the energy of lightning strike to the earth through a step-by-step discharge method. The Class I arrester can discharge the direct lightning current, or discharge the conducted huge energy when the power transmission line is suffering a direct lightning strike. For places where direct lightning strikes may occur, Class I arrester for lightning protection must be applied.
    The Class II surge protection device is used as a protective device for the residual voltage of the primary arrester and for inductive lightning stroke in the area. When the primary arrester absorbs large lightning strike energy, there is still a part of energy transmitting to the devices or Class III surge protectors and the energy is quite large to them. Therefore, it needs a Class II surge protection device to further absorb it. At the same time, the transmission line passing through the first stage of the lightning arrester will also induce the electromagnetic pulse of lightning strikes. When the line is long enough to sense the energy of the lightning which will become large enough, it is required that Class II surge protection device do the further discharge of the lightning strike energy.
    The Class III surge protection device protects the equipment or device from residual lightning strike energy which pass through the electromagnetic pulse and Class II lightning protection device.

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