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    Digital Wood Sawdust Moisture Meter, Pin Type, LCD Display

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    Handheld wood moisture used for measuring sawdust, bamboo powder, measuring range 0-80%, pin type, LCD display. Humidty 5-90%, high sensitivity sensor, accuracy and reliability.
    SKU: ATO-MM-TK100W
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    Digital wood moisture detector can accurately measure moisture content of wood materials, such as sawdust and bamboo powder, digital backlit display, accurate and clear light.


    Model ATO-MM-TK100W
    Display 4 Digital LCD
    Measuring Range 0%-80%
    Resolution 0.1 um
    Humidity 5%-90%
    Temperature 0-60°C
    Accuracy ± 0.5%n
    Operation Electrical resistance method, automatic tempreture compensation
    Power Supply 4x1.5 AAA Size (UM-4) Battery
    Dimensions 460mm x 75mm x 35mm
    Weight 203g (Not Including Battery)

    Tips: Differences Between Pin and Pinless Wood Moisture Tester
    1. Differences in appearance. Induction type wood moisture meter is LCD digital display screen, inserted needle type wood moisture meter is LED digital tube display.
    2. Differences in functions. The induction type wood moisture meter has the function of tree species correction and has 9 gear adjustment. And the only one gear pin type, can't be fixed species.
    3. Differences in moisture measurement range. The measuring range of the induction type wood moisture meter is 0-99%, and that of the inserted type wood moisture meter is 0-40%.
    4. Destructive difference. When testing the inductive wood moisture meter, only the sensor probe should be attached to the surface of the measured object, without any damage to the measured object. Needle-type wood moisture meter needs to insert the instrument probe into the measured object, which will damage the measured surface.

    wood moisture meter for sawdust

    moisture meter

    Existing reviews of Digital Wood Sawdust Moisture Meter, Pin Type, LCD Display
    Worth buying sawdust moisture meter
    I use the moisture content in sawdust and the moisture content of the powder in bagasse, grass, straw and other fibrous materials. ATO gave a bag, very easy to carry, I am very satisfied accuracy. Five star.
    From: Jeff | Date: 11/07/2019
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