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    Portable Digital Hay Moisture Tester

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    Portable digital hay moister tester for sales, measuring range 0-80%, LCD display, pin type. The newly designed moisture meter with extensive probes suits to many materials moisture content testing, just as wood fiber, grains, hay straw and bran. Low cost and free shipping.
    SKU: ATO-MM-TK100H
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    Accurate handheld hay digital moisture tester can measure the moisture of hay straw and wood fiber, 0.1 um resolution. 4 digital LCD light weight and convenient to use.


    Model ATO-MM-TK100H
    Display 4 Digital LCD
    Measuring Range 0%-80%
    Resolution 0.1 um
    Humidity 5%-90%
    Temperature 0-60°C
    Accuracy ± 0.5%n
    Operation Electrical resistance method, automatic tempreture compensation
    Power Supply 4x1.5 AAA Size (UM-4) Battery
    Dimensions 460mm x 75mm x 35mm
    Weight 203g (Not Including Battery)

    Characteristics of Handheld Hay Moisyure Tester

    1. With temperature and humidity compensation technology, the high measurement accuracy and good stability.
    2. The measuring speed, can replace traditional oven method, make the moisture determination time shortened. The process operation is less than 1 minute, measured values real-time display, to save time.
    3. Small size, light weight, strong anti-interference performance, can be carried in the field for rapid detection.
    4. Backlight liquid crystal display technology, clear display, low power consumption.
    5. Alarm function, maximum value is maintained.
    6. Automatic shutdown and power saving function.

    portable hay moisture tester


    Tips: Hay Moisture Tester Applications

    Hay moisture tester is widely used in all biomass energy power plants and straw press units that need rapid water determination. Biological industry laboratory and production process. In addition, it can also be used in the laboratories and production processes of farms, pastures and forage grass processing units.

    Existing reviews of Portable Digital Hay Moisture Tester
    A hay moisture tester worth having
    I need a hay moisture tester to measure the temperature and moisture of hay before I put it in the barn. We use it a lot and I like to carry it out to work. The moisture meter display reads clearly. Definitely recommend.
    From: Anron | Date: 02/12/2022
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    Excellent moisture meter for hay
    The cheap price impresses me and have used it throughout the hay season to measure moisture and it still works great, with accurate readings and sensitive detection.
    From: Wyatt | Date: 17/04/2022
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    I received miosture meter very quickly
    Low price hay moiture tester, I follow the instructions to operate, easy to use, accurate measurement, very happy to have it!
    From: Jon | Date: 21/06/2019
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