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    0.01μF 100V Disc Ceramic Capacitor

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    Wholesale price disc ceramic capacitor for sale, with radial lead wire and 3mm lead pitch, 0.01μF (10000pF, 10nF), 100 voltage, operating temperature range from -40℃ - 105℃, 20% tolerance. This power ceramic capacitor can be used for household appliances.
    SKU: ATO-CC-100V103K
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    103 100V disc ceramic capacitor is a low voltage power capacitor with 3mm lead pitch, which can be used for household appliances.


    • Model: ATO-100V103K
    • Series: Low Voltage Disc Ceramic Capacitor
    • Capacitance: 0.01μF (10000pF, 10nF)
    • Rated voltage: 100V
    • Tolerance: 20%
    • Dielectric Material: Y5T
    • Operating Temperature Range: -40℃ - 105℃
    • Feature: Medium Frequency
    • Lead Type: Radial Lead Wire
    • Lead Pitch: 3mm
    • Installation Type: In-line
    • Package: DIP
    • Application: Household Appliances
    • Medium Material: Ceramic (Porcelain)
    • Loss: 0.01%
    • Weight: 0.02kg


    1. Capacitance: Under 1KHz (CLASSII), or 1MHz (CLASSI) and 25℃±2℃, Vrms = 1.0V conditons, not exceed capacitance tolerance.
    2. Dissipation factor(D.F.): SL. YL Q> 1000, Y 5P Y 5U Y5V D.F. < 2.5%, Bn D.F. <0.5%, 2R D.F. <0.1%
    3. Insulation resistance: At DC500V voltage for 1 minute CASSAII.R. ≥10,000MΩ, CLASSIII.R. ≥4000MΩ
    4. Test voltage: UR< 6kV, Ut=1.5UR + 500V UR≥ 6kV, Ut = 1.5 x UR

    Tips: What is a ceramic capacitor?

    Ceramic chip capacitor is a kind of capacitor which uses ceramic material as medium, coats a layer of metal film on the ceramic surface, and then sinters it at high temperature as an electrode. It is usually used in highly stable oscillation circuits as a loop, bypass capacitor and pad capacitor.

    Existing reviews of 0.01μF 100V Disc Ceramic Capacitor
    Good value for the price
    I tested a few different values about ceramic capacitor on my multimeter, and most of the values were not too far from expected. Good value for the price.
    From: Beeyh | Date: 05/12/2022
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