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    3/4 HP (0.55 kW) Automatic Water Pressure Booster Pump

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    Small water booster pump with motor can automatically increase water pressure for well, sprinkler and irrigation system, 3/4 HP (0.55 kW), single phase or 3 phase, 220V / 380V available, 1 in. water inlet and outlet, max. head 40m, max. flow 40 LPM.
    SKU: ATO-BP-075HP
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    Low price 0.75 HP (0.55 kW) automatic booster pump with motor is used to increase the pressure of water. It accepts cold and hot water, which is suitable for home use, sprinkler and irrigation system, small air conditioner system, and washing machine, etc.


    Model ATO-PQT-550A
    Power 0.75 HP (0.55 kW)
    Voltage (AC) 220V / 380V
    Phase Single Phase / 3 Phase
    Max. Flow 40 L/min
    Max. Head 40m
    Rated Flow 37m³/h
    Rated Head 40m
    Max. Suction 9m
    Inlet Diameter 1 inch
    Outlet Diameter 1 inch
    Pump Max. Liquid Temperature 35℃ or 60℃
    Max. Suction +8m
    Material Brass Impeller with Evenly Arranged Radial Vanes
    Motor Max. Ambient Temperature +40℃
    Insulation Class B or F
    Protection IP x 4
    Cooling External Ventilation
    Shaft Stainless Steel Welded Shaft/45# Steel Shaft
    Packing Dimension 310mm * 260mm * 340mm
    Weight 18kg


    1.5 HP (1.1 kW) Single Phase Automatic Water Booster Pump Applications

    Tips: Different between booster pump and self-priming pump

    • Different ways of working
      Self-priming pump is generally based on the need to open, and the booster pump uninterrupted works generally 24 hours a day.
    • Different functions
      Self-priming pump generally has the functions of self-priming and booster, and the booster pump generally only has the booster function. Only when the water flows into the booster pump will have the booster function.
    • Different water level
      The water level in the pipe of the self-priming pump is generally lower than itself, and the water level in the pipe of the booster pump is generally higher than itself. In order to avoid the water meter is self-priming pump suction phenomenon, it is recommended that users had better not install the self-priming pump directly on the tap water pipeline.
    • Different installation position
      Self-priming pump is generally installed on the intake pipe, as long as the original pipe cut off a section, and then the self-priming pump in series on the pipe can be. And the booster pump is installed on the backwater pipeline, which can make the pressure in the system to improve. As long as the original pipe cut off a section, the booster pump in series on the pipeline can be.
    • Different applications
      If the water does not appear off the flow phenomenon, then you can use the booster pump. If the water will often break off, then you should prepare a similar to the water tank container. If the container is equipped with a drain pipe, then you can also add a booster pump. If the container is not equipped with a drain pipe, then you can only use self-priming pump.
    Existing reviews of 3/4 HP (0.55 kW) Automatic Water Pressure Booster Pump
    Worth every penny.
    I bought this 3/4 HP automatic booster pump for home to improve water flow. Installed pretty easily. It worked very well. It’s only been a few weeks, but I am pleased with its performance. I have asked my neighbors if it was too loud and they all said no. This booster pump is definitely worth every penny.
    From: Scott | Date: 27/04/2022
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