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    1-1/4" Brass Ball Valve, 2 Piece

    1-1/4 inch brass ball valve for sale at low price, 2 piece, DN32, 1.6MPa, thread connection. The valve body is made of high quality brass forging to prevent leakage, which used for water and flow control.
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    The valve body is made of high-quality brass forging to prevent leakage. Brass ball valve is manufactured by a high-precision special machine with low flow resistance. The medium inside the valve body has a straight channel, and the medium flows in a straight line.


    • Model: ATO-BBV-DN32
    • Nominal Diameter: DN35
    • Nominal Pressure: 1.6MPa
    • Size: 1-1/4 inch
    • Body Material: Brass
    • Connection Type: Thread
    • Standard: Compliant with ISO 228 Standard
    • Structure: Fixed Ball Valve
    • Applicable Temperature: -10℃≤T≤120℃
    • Valve Action: Flow Control
    • Mode of Action: Double Acting
    • Channel Location: Straight
    • Sealing Material: Rubber
    • Sealing Method: Soft Seal
    • Drive Mode: Manual
    • Flow Direction: Bidirectional
    • Working Medium: Water, Oil, Non-Corrosive and Non-Combustible Gas
    • Weight: 580g

    Dimensions & Details (Unit: mm)

    Dimensions of brass ball valve

    DN Size L B H D
    32 1-1/4 74 29 75 115
    Number 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
    Component Valve Body Valve Cap Valve Seat Valve Ball Valve Stem Filler Iron Handle Pressure Cap Locknut
    Material Brass Brass PTFE Iron Brass PTFE Iron Brass Stainless Steel

    Tips: What is a brass ball valve?

    Brass ball valve is evolved from a cock. Its opening and closing part is a sphere, and the sphere is rotated 90° around the axis of the valve stem to achieve the purpose of opening and closing. Brass ball valves are mainly used to cut off, distribute and change the flow direction of the medium. The ball valve designed with V-shaped opening also has a good flow adjustment function.

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