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    1/2" Forged Steel Globe Valve

    Reasonable price and high quality 1/2 inch globe valve for sale online. Precise connection of valve body, adopts with forged steel. The medium of 1/2 (DN15) globe valve is steam. Forged steel globe valve widely used in oil industry, chemical industry and metallurgical industry.
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    A forged steel globe valve is a type of industrial valve designed for regulating the flow of fluids in pipelines. Constructed using forged steel for enhanced durability and strength.


    • Forged Body. The body of the valve is forged, making it robust and suitable for high-pressure and high-temperature applications.
    • Pressure Seal Bonnet. Some forged steel globe valves feature a pressure seal bonnet, which is designed to enhance the sealing capabilities of the valve under high-pressure conditions.
    • Socket Weld. Forged steel globe valves may have either socket weld for easy installation and connection with the pipeline.


    • Model: J61H-DN15
    • Port Size: 1/2 inch (DN15)
    • Texture of Material: forged steel
    • Pressure Rating: 1.0 MPa-2.5 MPa
    • Rotation Mode: hand wheel
    • Connection Mode: welding
    • Flow direction: one-way
    • Medium: steam

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    Forged steel globe valve dimension

    DN L B D H W
    15 130 14 95 200 120


    Forged steel globe valve application

    Tips: Is a gate valve better than a globe valve?

    The choice between a gate valve and a globe valve depends on the specific application and requirements. Gate valves are typically better suited for on/off service in pipelines, providing low fluid resistance when fully open. They are cost-effective and work well in applications where a tight seal is crucial. However, gate valves may not be ideal for throttling or regulating flow due to their design.

    On the other hand, globe valves are versatile and offer precise control of flow rates, making them suitable for throttling applications. They provide a higher level of accuracy in controlling fluid flow but may introduce more resistance when fully open compared to gate valves. Selecting the better valve depends on factors such as the intended use, system requirements, and cost considerations, with each valve type having its own advantages and limitations.

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