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    1" Forged Steel Globe Valve

    Globe valve with 1 inch port size and forged steel material. The pressure rating of 1 inch forged globe valve between 1.0 MPa and 2.5 MPa. Strong pressure resistance and strong antioxidant capacity of this stop valve. The connection mode of forged steel globe valve is welding.
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    The forged steel construction makes these globe valves suitable for high-pressure and high-temperature applications in industries such as oil and gas, power generation, and petrochemicals.


    • Forged Body. The body of the valve is forged, making it robust and suitable for high-pressure and high-temperature applications.
    • Pressure Seal Bonnet. Some forged steel globe valves feature a pressure seal bonnet, which is designed to enhance the sealing capabilities of the valve under high-pressure conditions.
    • Socket Weld. Forged steel globe valves may have either socket weld for easy installation and connection with the pipeline.


    • Model: J61H-DN25
    • Port Size: 1 inch (DN25)
    • Texture of Material: forged steel
    • Pressure Rating: 1.0 MPa-2.5 MPa
    • Rotation Mode: hand wheel
    • Connection Mode: welding
    • Flow direction: one-way
    • Medium: steam

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    Forged steel globe valve dimension

    DN L B D H W
    25 160 14 115 252 160


    Forged steel globe valve application

    Tips: What are the advantages of using forged globe valves in high-pressure systems?

    Forged globe valves offer several advantages in high-pressure systems. Firstly, their robust construction from forged materials enhances durability and strength, ensuring resilience under extreme pressure conditions. The compact design of forged globe valves facilitates efficient flow control, making them suitable for applications requiring precise regulation. Their sturdy construction also minimizes the risk of leakage, enhancing overall system integrity. Additionally, forged globe valves exhibit excellent resistance to wear and corrosion, ensuring prolonged service life in aggressive environments. The compact and versatile nature of these valves makes them ideal for installation in tight spaces, optimizing system layout. Overall, the combination of durability, precise control, and resistance to pressure and corrosion makes forged globe valves a reliable choice for high-pressure systems, contributing to enhanced performance and safety.

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