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    3/4" Forged Steel Globe Valve

    3/4 inch (DN20) forged steel globe valve with affordable price for sale. The rotation mode of this globe check valve is hand wheel. Forging process allows for precise shaping of intricate components, promoting better valve performance and tighter shut-off capabilities. Durable, explosion proof and leak proof of this globe valve.
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    Forged steel globe valve design allows precise throttling and isolation, making it suitable for applications where accurate flow control is crucial.


    • Forged Body. The body of the valve is forged, making it robust and suitable for high-pressure and high-temperature applications.
    • Pressure Seal Bonnet. Some forged steel globe valves feature a pressure seal bonnet, which is designed to enhance the sealing capabilities of the valve under high-pressure conditions.
    • Socket Weld. Forged steel globe valves may have either socket weld for easy installation and connection with the pipeline.


    • Model: J61H-DN20
    • Port Size: 3/4 inch (DN20)
    • Texture of Material: forged steel
    • Pressure Rating: 1.0 MPa-2.5 MPa
    • Rotation Mode: hand wheel
    • Connection Mode: welding
    • Flow direction: one-way
    • Medium: steam

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    Forged steel globe valve dimension

    DN L B D H W
    20 150 14 105 243 140


    Forged steel globe valve application

    Tips: How does the forging process enhance the performance of globe valves?

    The forging process significantly enhances the performance of globe valves by imparting superior mechanical properties and durability to the valve components. During forging, intense pressure and controlled heat are applied to shape and refine the valve body, stem, and disc, resulting in a dense and homogenous grain structure. This enhances the valve's strength, toughness, and resistance to deformation. The absence of porosity or other defects ensures a tight, leak-free seal, crucial for effective fluid control. Additionally, forged globe valves exhibit improved corrosion resistance, making them suitable for a wide range of demanding applications. The precise manufacturing process allows for tight tolerances and consistent dimensions, promoting reliable and efficient operation. In essence, forging elevates the overall quality and performance of globe valves, ensuring longevity and optimal functionality in diverse industrial settings.

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