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    1/2 inch Stainless Steel Needle Valve, DN15

    A compact 2-way stainless steel needle valve with G1/2/ 1/2NPT thread/ M1/2 can be chosen, optional material 304ss/ 316ss, the needle valve diameter is 6mm, connection thread size of DN15, nominal pressure of 40MPa, and the maximum pressure can be up to 6000 psi. This 2-way needle valve has good sealing performance and long service life.
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    Good price ATO 1/2" stainless needle valve is a compact 2-way needle valve made of 304/ 316 stainless steel and the temperature range is -20 to max. 180 °C. This needle valve can be used as a reliable shut-off valve, or to accurately control flow rates of clean gases or fluids.


    • Model: ATO-NV-DN15
    • Size: 1/2 inch
    • Connection thread size: DN15
    • Needle valve diameter: 6mm
    • Nominal pressure: 40 MPa/ 41MPa
    • Material: 304 stainless steel: G1/2"/ M1/2", 316 stainless steel: G1/2"/ 1/2"NPT
    • Working pressure: ≤420 bar
    • Working temperature: -20~180℃
    • Installation method: Screw connection
    • Medium: Gas, liquid


    • Smooth and accurate flow control
    • With a very compact design and reliable leak tight shut off
    • High pressures up to 6000 bar
    • Wide temperature range from -20 up to 180°C.
    • Suited for aggressive fluids thanks to the 304 stainless steel


    Stainless steel needle valve dimension

    Model A B C D
    ATO-NV-DN15 60mm 96mm 30mm 6mm

    Stainless Steel Needle Valve Application

    Stainless steel needle valve application

    Tips: How does a needle valve control pressure?

    An instrument needle valve uses a tapered pin to gradually open a space for fine control of flow. The flow can be controlled and regulated with the use of a spindle. A needle valve has a relatively small orifice with a long, tapered seat, and a needle-shaped plunger on the end of a screw, which exactly fits the seat.

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