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    1 inch Stainless Steel Needle Valve, DN25

    High-pressure stainless steel needle valve with 1-inch thread, DN25 connection thread size, needle valve diameter of 13mm, 40MPa nominal pressure. ATO high-quality 1" ss needle valves are designed for heavy-duty process applications or other industrial applications that require high-pressure carbon steel or stainless steel shut-off valves.
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    The ATO stainless needle valve is a compact 2-way stainless steel needle valve with 1-inch thread, a needle valve diameter of 13mm, the housing is made of stainless steel 304, the max. pressure is 6000 psi. Because the flow can be controlled by the needle valve so precisely, it can achieve an unprecedented level of efficiency.


    • Model: ATO-NV-DN25
    • Size: 1 inch
    • Connection thread size: DN25
    • Needle valve diameter: 13mm
    • Nominal pressure: 40 MPa
    • Material: 304 stainless steel
    • Working pressure: ≤420 bar
    • Working temperature: -20~180℃
    • Installation method: Screw connection
    • Medium: Gas, liquid


    • Smooth and accurate flow control
    • With a very compact design and reliable leak tight shut off
    • High pressures up to 6000 bar
    • Wide temperature range from -20 up to 180°C.
    • Suited for aggressive fluids thanks to the 304 stainless steel


    Stainless steel needle valve dimension

    Model A B C D
    ATO-NV-DN25 80mm 115mm 48mm 13mm

    Stainless Steel Needle Valve Application

    Stainless steel needle valve application

    Tips: Why choose a stainless steel needle valve?

    • The needle valve has the advantages of easy installation and disassembly, the connection of the needle valve is tight, the needle valve is conducive to fire protection, and the needle valve has high explosion-proof and pressure-resistant capabilities.
    • When needle valves are in use, they will be under pressure to block large volumes of liquids and gases. Liquids and gases can contain chemicals that can damage many materials, so valves must be made of highly durable materials. Stainless steel needle valve is the most common choice because the metal is resistant to most forms of chemical damage, corrosion, and rust and can last for years without replacement.
    • The needle valve has good sealing performance and low maintenance costs.


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