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    1/2 Ton Electric Beam Trolley

    Purchase low price 1/2 ton electric beam trolley for electric chain hoist, with 0.5 tonne load capacity, running speed 11~21 m/min, motor voltage 380V or 110V, motor power 0.12 KW, min. turning radius 1.0, applicable I-beams 70~130mm. This electric beam trolley is a versatile handling device used in various industrial settings.
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    1/2 ton electric beam trolley is designed to traverse along an overhead beam system, providing a flexible solution for moving heavy loads horizontally. The beam trolley is equipped with an electric motor that drives the wheels, allowing smooth and controlled movement along the beam.


    • Model: ATO-HX-0.5
    • Load Capacity: 1/2 Ton
    • Running Speed: 11~21 m/min
    • Motor Voltage: 380V/ 110V
    • Motor Power: 0.12 KW
    • Minimum Turning Radius: 1.0
    • Applicable I-beams: 70~130mm


    Electric beam trolley dimensions

    A B R T
    185mm 195mm 110mm 150mm

    Tips: What is a beam trolley?

    A beam trolley is a mechanical device used for transporting heavy loads along an elevated beam or track. It consists of a frame or chassis that runs along the beam, allowing the trolley to move horizontally. Typically, a beam trolley incorporates wheels or rollers that provide smooth movement and reduce friction between the trolley and the beam.

    Beam trolleys are commonly used in industrial settings, warehouses, and construction sites where heavy objects need to be moved across a specific path. They are often employed in conjunction with hoists or cranes to facilitate the lifting and transportation of loads. The trolley's design allows for easy adjustment of the position along the beam, providing flexibility in load handling.

    Beam trolleys come in various configurations and load capacities to accommodate different requirements. Some trolleys may have manual controls, while others can be powered, utilizing electric or pneumatic systems for movement. Safety features such as locking mechanisms and braking systems are often incorporated to ensure secure operation.

    Overall, beam trolleys are essential tools for efficient and controlled material handling, providing a reliable means of transporting heavy loads with minimal effort.

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