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    1/4 Inch Rc Air Pressure Regulator

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    Precision air pressure regulator port size 1/4 inch, pressure 0.005~0.2/ 0.01~0.4/ 0.01~0.8 Mpa, easy to install, either freestanding with brackets or directly with the current cross block filter combination elements AF and AFM.
    SKU: ATO-PR-NIR2000
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    Pneumatic pressure reducing valve for sale, 1/4 inch port size, optional pressure gauge, stable performance installation and easy installation, high precision stainless steel rod for precise pressure control.


    • Model: ATO-PR-NIR2000
    • Sensitivity: Within 0.2% of full span
    • Repeatability: Within ±0.5% of full span
    • Minimum Supply Pressure: Set pressure +0.05 Mpa
    • Set Pressure: 0.005~0.2/ 0.01~0.4/ 0.01~0.8 Mpa
    • Pressure Regulator Port Size: 1/4 inch Rc
    • Air Consumption: 4.4 L/min (ANR) or less
    • Ambient and Fluid Temperature: –5 to 60°C (No freezing)
    • Supply Pressure: 1.0 MPa
    • Weight: 1 kg
    • Certificate: CE

    Note: Air filter (AF) and oil mist separator (AM, AFM) need to be installed on the air supply side.

    Air Pressure Regulator Dimension (Unit: mm)

    Pneumatic regulator dimension

    Air pressure regulator valve dimension
    1/4  Inch Rc Pneumatic Regulator Detail

    Pneumatic regulator detail

    Tips: How to install a air pressure regulator ?

    1. The installation position of the pneumatic pressure regulating valve is required to have a certain height from the ground, and there must be a certain space above and below the valve to facilitate the disassembly and repair of the valve. For regulating valves equipped with pneumatic valve positioners and handwheels, it must be easy to operate, observe and adjust.
    2. The regulating pressure valve should be installed on the horizontal pipeline, and the top and bottom are vertical to the pipeline. Generally, it should be supported under the valve to ensure stability and reliability. For special occasions, when the regulating valve needs to be installed horizontally on a vertical pipeline, the regulating valve should also be supported (except for the small-diameter regulating valve). When installing, avoid adding additional stress to the regulating valve).
    3. The working environment temperature of the pressure regulating valve should be (-30 ~ + 60), and the relative humidity should not be greater than 95%.
      There should be a straight pipe section at the front and rear of the regulating valve, and the length should not be less than 10 times the pipe diameter (10D), so as to avoid the straight pipe section of the valve being too short and affecting the flow characteristics.
    4. When the diameter of the adjusting valve is not the same as that of the process pipeline, it should be connected with a reducer. Threaded connections can be used when installing small-diameter control valves. The fluid direction arrow on the valve body should be consistent with the fluid direction.
    5. To set up the bypass pipe. The purpose is to facilitate switching or manual operation, and the control valve can be repaired without stopping.
    6. Before installing the pressure regulating valve, thoroughly remove foreign matter in the pipeline, such as dirt, welding slag, etc.
    Existing reviews of 1/4 Inch Rc Air Pressure Regulator
    The air pressure regulator is easy to use and easy to adjust the pressure
    Great air pressure regulator, better than expected!  Well made and no leaks after installation. My air system is practically leak free for the first time and has been in use for many days with no pressure loss and easy to adjust outlet pressure.
    From: Colton | Date: 30/05/2022
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