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    G1/4" Pneumatic Shuttle Valve

    Shop pneumatic shuttle valve online at low price with G1/4 inch thread port. This is a type of valve used in pneumatic systems to control the flow of compressed air. It allows air to flow from one inlet to either of two outlets, depending on the position of a shuttle mechanism inside the valve.
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    Pneumatic shuttle valves are commonly used in applications where there's a need to switch between two different pneumatic circuits or to provide redundancy in case one path fails. They are often found in pneumatic control systems for machinery, automation, and other industrial applications.


    • Model: ATO-ST-02
    • Working Medium: Air
    • Effective Sectional Area: 21mm2
    • Joint Pipe Port: G1/4 inch
    • Working Pressure Range: 0~1.0MPa
    • Operating Temperature Range: 0~60℃

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    Pneumatic shuttle valve dimension

    Model A B C D E F G
    ATO-ST-02 50 35 22 5.5 35 25 G1/4"

    Tips: What are the common applications of pneumatic shuttle valves?

    Pneumatic shuttle valves find common applications in various industrial and manufacturing processes where controlled and sequential pneumatic operations are essential. These valves play a crucial role in directing compressed air flow to different pneumatic actuators, allowing for efficient automation and control systems. They are often used in conveyor systems, packaging machinery, and assembly lines to manage the movement of materials and components. Additionally, pneumatic shuttle valves are employed in equipment requiring alternating or dual pressure sources, enhancing system reliability. Their ability to switch between two different air sources or control multiple pneumatic circuits makes them valuable in applications like robotics, material handling, and automotive manufacturing. Overall, pneumatic shuttle valves contribute to streamlined operations, improved precision, and enhanced reliability in diverse pneumatic control systems.

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