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    G3/4" Hydraulic Shuttle Valve, 3 Way

    Low cost 3 way hydraulic shuttle valve with G3/4 inch thread port for sale, optional body material of stainless steel and carbon steel. This is a type of valve used in hydraulic systems to control the flow of hydraulic fluid. The valve essentially acts as a switch, directing the flow of fluid between two separate hydraulic circuits.
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    Hydraulic shuttle valves are commonly used in various hydraulic systems, such as in mobile equipment, industrial machinery, and aircraft hydraulic systems, where the ability to switch between hydraulic circuits or isolate them is necessary for proper operation. They provide a simple and reliable means of controlling hydraulic fluid flow in these applications.


    • Model: ATO-VUSF-G3/4
    • Shuttle Valve Type: 3 Way
    • Body Material (Optional): Stainless Steel or Carbon Steel
    • Connection Thread Port: G3/4 inch (DN20)
    • Max. Pressure: 350bar
    • Max. Flow: 110L/min
    • Operating Temperature Range: +40℃~+70℃
    • Ambient Temperature: -20℃~+60℃

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    Hydraulic shuttle valve dimension

    Model DN L L1 C D E F G I J SW
    ATO-VUSF-G3/4 20 113 62 45 60 37 6.5 G3/4" 50 8.5 41

    Tips: What are the applications of hydraulic shuttle valves?

    Hydraulic shuttle valves find applications in various hydraulic systems where selective routing of fluid flow is necessary. One common application is in mobile equipment such as agricultural machinery, construction equipment, and material handling vehicles. They are utilized to switch between different hydraulic circuits, such as prioritizing steering over other functions in a loader or excavator. In aerospace applications, hydraulic shuttle valves are critical components in landing gear systems, where they help to ensure proper deployment and retraction. Industrial machinery, including presses, injection molding machines, and hydraulic presses, also employs shuttle valves to control the flow of hydraulic fluid for different operational sequences. Additionally, hydraulic shuttle valves are used in hydraulic power units, hydraulic lifts, and hydraulic actuators, among other systems, where precise control of fluid flow direction is essential for efficient and safe operation.

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