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    1.5 HP (1 kW) Wing Pump

    Reasonable price and high quality wing pump for sale online. Wing pump is belong to to semi rotary pump. Hand wing pump with 3/4 inch port size and 14m lift capacity. This type semi rotary hand pump often used in chemical industry, metallurgy and pump water.
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    A wing pump, also known as an aerodynamic pump or a fluidic pump, is a type of device that uses the principle of fluid dynamics and the aerodynamic properties of a wing to generate fluid flow or pressure.


    • Adopts with copper core rotary body.
    • Reasonable design, compatible with construction pump materials.
    • Small size. Small size and light weight make the wing pump easier to carry and install.


    • Model: YL-1
    • Port Size: 3/4 inch
    • Suction Capacity: 5m
    • Lift Capacity: 14m
    • Flow Rate: 20 L/min
    • Material: cast iron

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    Wing pump dimension

    A B C D E F G H
    115 140 3/4 inch 205 35 175 290 58

    Tips: What is Wing Pump?

    A hand wing pump, also known as a hand-powered wing pump or simply a wing pump, is a type of manually operated water pump that uses a wing-shaped handle to pump water. It is typically used for drawing water from wells, boreholes, or other underground water sources. When the handle is moved up and down by hand, the wing-shaped handle creates a pumping action, causing water to be drawn up through the pipe and discharged at the top.

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