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    5.5 HP (4 kW) Wing Pump

    Semi rotary hand pump with 5.5 hp power and 65 L/min flow rate and the price is reasonable. This hand wing pump is of semi-rotary construction. The inside of the semi rotary hand water pump adopts copper core rotary body. This 5.5 hp wing pump is commonly used in various applications such as irrigation, water supply, and drainage systems, particularly in agriculture and industrial settings.
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    As the wing moves, wing pump creates pressure differences on its upper and lower surfaces due to its shape and motion. These pressure differences result in the fluid flowing in one direction. The efficiency and reliability of a 5.5 hp wing pump make it a preferred choice for tasks requiring robust performance and consistent water flow. Design of hand wing pump typically ensures smooth operation with minimal pulsation, which is advantageous for maintaining steady water pressure in distribution systems.


    • Adopts with copper core rotary body.
    • Reasonable design, compatible with construction pump materials.
    • Small size. Small size and light weight make the wing pump easier to carry and install.


    • Model: YL-5
    • Port Size: 1-1/2 inch
    • Suction Capacity: 6.5m
    • Lift Capacity: 18m
    • Flow Rate: 65 L/min
    • Material: cast iron

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    Wing pump dimension

    A B C D E F G H
    238 280 1-1/2 inch 370 44 260 600 100

    Tips: What are the Advantages of Wing Pump?

    • Simplicity. Hand wing pumps are simple in design, typically consisting of a lever or handle that is operated by hand to raise and lower a piston or plunger inside a cylinder. This simplicity makes them easy to operate and maintain.
    • Reliability. Hand wing pumps are mechanically operated and do not rely on external power sources, such as electricity or fuel, making them reliable in situations where power outages or fuel shortages may occur.
    • Versatility. Hand wing pumps can be used in a wide range of applications, including domestic water supply, irrigation, and livestock watering.
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