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    7 HP (5 kW) Wing Pump

    Cost-effective wing pump with 2 inch port size and 105 L/min large flow rate for sale online. This semi rotary pump is suitable for installation in closed room. Robust construction of hand wing pump ensures durability and reliability under continuous operation. The lift capacity of this wing pump is 18m. Semi rotary hand pump is widely used in automotive Industry and drinking water treatment.
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    2 inch port wing pumps have been studied for various applications, including as environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional mechanical pumps in areas such as fluid transportation and renewable energy system. The wing pump's horsepower rating indicates its ability to move large quantities of fluid against resistance, making it ideal for tasks requiring significant pressure or flow rate. 


    • Adopts with copper core rotary body.
    • Reasonable design, compatible with construction pump materials.
    • Small size. Small size and light weight make the wing pump easier to carry and install.


    • Model: YL-7
    • Port Size: 2 inch
    • Suction Capacity: 6.5m
    • Lift Capacity: 18m
    • Flow Rate: 105 L/min
    • Material: cast iron

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    Wing pump dimension

    A B C D E F G H
    310 350 2 inch 450 45 310 710 114

    Tips: What are the Disadvantages of Wing Pump?

    • Limited water flow rate. Hand wing pumps typically have a limited flow rate, which means they may not be suitable for high-volume water needs. The pumping capacity of a hand pump depends on the design, depth of the well, and the strength of the operator.
    • Depth limitations. Hand wing pumps are generally limited in terms of the depth from which they can effectively draw water. As the depth of the well increases, the effort required to operate the pump also increases.
    • Physical effort required. Hand wing pumps rely on manual labor to operate, which can be physically demanding. Pumping water from a deep well or drawing water continuously requires repetitive hand motions.
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