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    1 Gallon Hydraulic Bladder Accumulator

    Low price 1 gallon hydraulic accumulator for sale online. Bladder-type accumulator, 4L capacity, can store pressurized hydraulic oil and nitrogen to provide energy or power to the hydraulic system, widely used in construction, mining, manufacturing and transportation industries.
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    The provided 1 gallon hydraulic accumulator is a bladder type accumulator, and the medium can be hydraulic oil and nitrogen. Hydac accumulator with a 4L capacity is commonly used in hydraulic systems where constant pressure needs to be maintained.


    • Model: ATO-NXQ-A-4/31.5-L-Y
    • Nominal Capacity: 4L (About 1 gallon)
    • Nominal Pressure: 31.5Mpa
    • Connection Method: Thread
    • Material: 35CrMo Steel
    • Bladder Material: Nitrile Rubber
    • Working Medium: Hydraulic Oil, Nitrogen


    • Welding and machining are not allowed on the hydraulic accumulator shell.
    • The hydraulic accumulator capsule is only allowed to be filled with nitrogen, and oxygen and other flammable and corrosive gases are not allowed.
    • Hydraulic accumulators should be installed in hydraulic systems with overflow valves or other safety valves.
    • It is strictly forbidden to use overpressure.


    Hydraulic bladder accumulator dimension

    Volume DM (Connection Size H φ Weight
    4L M42*2 530mm 152mm 18.5kg

    Working Principle

    Hydraulic bladder accumulator working principle

    Note: The hydraulic accumulator is equipped with a one-way gas valve and can be recharged with gas. The silver one is the protective cover of the gas valve.

    Matching One-Way Valve Specifications

    • Inflatable Tool Interface Size: M14*1.5
    • Bladder Accumulator Interface Size: M16*1.5


    Hydraulic bladder accumulator is a type of hydraulic accumulator that use a flexible bladder to separate gas and hydraulic fluid, widely used in hydraulic systems in aerospace, automotive, marine industries and industrial applications.

    hydraulic accumulator applications

    Tips: What is a hydraulic accumulator?

    A hydraulic accumulator is a device that stores hydraulic fluid under pressure, which can be used to power hydraulic systems. It consists of a pressure vessel and a piston or bladder that separates the hydraulic fluid from a gas or spring. When hydraulic fluid is pumped into the accumulator, it compresses the gas or spring, storing energy that can be used later to provide a burst of hydraulic power.

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