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    1" Pulse Solenoid Valve for Dust Collector

    Purchase pneumatic pulse solenoid valve online at factory price. This right angle pulse valve is specifically designed for use in pulse jet dust collector and other dust filtration systems, G1 inch thread port, avaliable in voltage of AC110V, AC220V, DC24V, coil power 20VA.
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    Pulse solenoid valve is used in industrial applications, particularly in dust collection and air filtration systems. This cleaning process helps remove accumulated dust and particulate matter, ensuring the efficient operation of the filtration system.


    • Model: ATO-SMFZ-25P
    • Port Size: G1 inch
    • Connection Type: Threaded Type
    • Channel Position: Right Angle
    • Flow Direction: Unidirectional
    • Applicable Media: Air
    • Voltage (Optional): AC110V, AC220V, DC24V
    • Coil Power: 20VA
    • Temperature: -5~60℃
    • Working Pressure: 0.3~0.8MPa
    • Max. Pressure: 1.0MPa
    • Relative Humidity: ≤80%RH
    • Diaphragm Life: More Than 1 Million Times
    • Material: Aluminum Alloy (Body), NBR (Seal)

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    Dust collector pulse solenoid valve dimension

    Model Port Size A B C
    ATO-SMFZ-25P G1 inch 104 82 126.5


    Pulse Solenoid Valve Details

    Tips: What is a pulse solenoid valve?

    A pulse solenoid valve is a type of electromechanical valve used to control the flow of fluids, such as gases or liquids, through a system. It operates by using an electromagnetic coil to open and close a plunger or piston, regulating the flow of the fluid. What makes a pulse solenoid valve unique is its ability to control the flow in a rapid and intermittent manner. This is achieved by applying short pulses of electrical current to the solenoid coil, causing the plunger to move back and forth, alternately blocking and allowing the flow of the fluid. Pulse solenoid valves are commonly employed in applications where precise control of fluid flow is required, such as in medical devices, analytical instruments, and certain industrial processes. Their rapid response and precise modulation capabilities make them valuable tools in various fields where fluid control is crucial.

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