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    1 kW Rotary Lobe Pump

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    1 kW lobe rotary pump for sale, flow 3~8 m3/h, the design structure is completely symmetrical, and changing the driving direction changes the fluid delivery direction, reversible operation is easily achieved.
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    Cost-effective rotary lobe pump power 1000W, maximum outlet pressure 10 bar, lobe pump has a compact structure, small shear force on the medium during conveying, and smooth operation with little vibration.

    Precautions for selection of rotary lobe pump

    1. Shaft power = flow Q (m3/h) x head H (Bar) / 36 / η.
    2. When the conveying medium is clear water, sewage and relatively dilute mud, the rotational speed n≤350rpm, when the conveying medium is dry mud, the rotational speed n≤100rpm.
    3. When it is necessary to ensure the self-priming height, the speed n is greater than or equal to 200rpm, when the equipment is running with gaps, such as mobile pump trucks, the speed can be greater than 350rpm.
    4. Different environments, different media, different speeds, please contact ATO technicians.
    5. Other power lobe rotary lobe pumps can be customized.


    • Model: ATO-LP-AC50
    • Power: 1 kW
    • Flow: 3~8 m3/h
    • Maximum Outlet Pressure: 10 bar
    • Maximum Speed: 700 rpm
    • Flange Diameter: DN40, DN50, DN65, DN80, DN100
    • Weight: 93 kg
    • Dimension: 990mm x 333mm (L x H)
    • Certificate: CE, ISO9000, ISO14000, ISO18000


    • Strong self-priming ability, often used to replace submersible pumps or submersible pumps, the maximum suction stroke of the pump can reach 8.5-9.5 meters.
    • The lobe pump has good wear resistance and is often used to transport fluid media containing impurities such as sludge, sewage, and slag.
    • Simple maintenance, no need to dismantle the pipeline.
    • Reversible operation, the design is completely symmetrical, and the conveying direction can be changed by changing the driving direction.
    • No blockage, strong ability to pass impurities.
    • Idling/dry running: the pump is insensitive to dry running, and short-term running will not cause damage to the pump.
    • Energy saving and electricity saving, high efficiency.
    • To solve the gas resistance, it can be mixed and conveyed with gas, liquid and slag.
    • The overall operating cost of the pump is low.
    • Ultra-wide medium viscosity conveying range, from low viscosity medium to high viscosity medium can be smoothly conveyed.

    1 kW Rotary Lobe Pump Curve

    1 kW rotary lobe pump curve

    1 kW Rotary Lobe Pump Installation Dimensions

    1 kW lobe pump installation dimensions

    Small Rotary Lobe Pump Applications

    Lobe pump applications

    Tips: ATO Rotary lobe pump advantages

    • Stainless steel rotors are available for all pumps, and some models offer rotors from PTFE.
    • The rotors are machined via computer control, which ensures an exact geometry with small tolerances.
    • For abrasive products, dual-vane, readjustable rotors are available.
      With the helical screw lobe design, almost pulsation free conveying is achieved.
    • Wear-resistant pump casing in a one-piece block design are equipped with axial casing liners as standard and optional radial liners.
    • The carrier- and synchronizing gear is in a separate sealed unit. The strong shafts and hardened gear wheels ensure high torque and power transmission.
    • The high quality mechanical seals are suitable for high-pressure peaks and are easy to maintain.
    • The intermediate chamber in between the synchronizing gear and the pump casing is filled with quench fluid. This fluid prevents any dry running of the mechanical seals and indicates possible seal leakage.
    • The overall dimension sheets show the compact design with geared motors. For space-limited applications the drive can be fitted over the pump, with v-belt transmission. A complete aggregate for app. 150 m3/h (660 GPM) requires app. 1 m2 (10 ft2) only.
    • Complete pump units are available with geared motors, variable speed geared motors, submersible drives or hydraulic motors. Even stationary or mobile units with combustion engines are available.
    • Unlimited variations and applications.
    Existing reviews of 1 kW Rotary Lobe Pump
    Lobe pump price suitable for its function
    I am satisfied with lobe pump with adjustable function to change direction of flow liquid. That is a surprise for me. And the pump power can reach 1000W as describe. When conveying liquid this pump work very well. Its price is suitable for its smooth operation with little vibration. Like this so much.
    From: charles | Date: 25/10/2022
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    High efficiency of rotor pump
    The rotor pump is very good quality, any detail is made almost perfect, high efficiency, save time and effort, used to connect my tractor head, it works great, after-sales service also satisfied me.
    From: Samuel | Date: 28/04/2022
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