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    10 HP Vertical Mud Pump, 6 inch, 380V

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    Mud pump 10 hp with thick pump body for sale. 10 hp mud pump price is cheap and reasonalbe. 150 mm cailber and 1450 r/min rotate speed of 10 hp submersible mud pump. Mud pump widely used in aspirate thick liquid, turbid liquid and paste. Submersible mud pump plays a vital role in ensuring the efficiency and safety of drilling operation.
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    Good price 10 hp mud pump for sale online. Mud pump with three phase 380V pure copper motor, so that the use of more secure. Submersible mud pumps are crucial in these industries for their ability to pump drilling mud or slurry under high pressure into drill holes to cool the drill bit, remove cuttings, and maintain pressure to prevent cave-ins.


    • Solid shaft. Mud pump with high quality solid spindle of carbon steel.
    • Pump body thick. The pump body is made of high quality pig iron, durable and equipped with a thickened base. Thickened impeller, wear-resistant and dry rotating.
    • Copper motor. Vertical mud pump with the motor are all copper wire three phase 380V motor.


    • Model: NL150-8
    • Power: 10 HP (7.5 kW)
    • Voltage: 380V
    • Flow: 100-150 m3/h
    • Caliber: 6 inch (150 mm)
    • Motor: copper motor
    • Rotate Speed: 1450 r/min
    • Pump Lift: 8-9m
    • Height of Pump: 1.2m
    • Net Weight: 130 kg

    Mud Pump Structure:

    Mud pump structure

    Method of Operation:

    Vertical mud pump method of operation

    (Place the vertical mud pump upright or tilted in the liquid. Make sure the pump case is completely submerged in water. In addition, the motor part can not be immersed in water.)

    Tips: Parts of Mud Pump

    There are two main parts to a mud pump: the fluid end and the power end. The fluid end is where the actual pumping takes place. The components of the fluid end consist of valves, pistons (or plungers), and liners. Since the fluid end is in constant contact with the material being pumped, most modern designs allow for quick replacement of worn components as needed. This dramatically extends the life of a unit without having to completely replace the pump. The power end of a mud pump is responsible for taking the input power, typically through a driveshaft, and converting it into the reciprocating motion needed for the pistons. In most mud pump applications, the power end uses a crosshead crankshaft for this conversion.

    Existing reviews of 10 HP Vertical Mud Pump, 6 inch, 380V
    High quality mud pump
    I shopped around and this was about the best price I found. The 10 hp mud pump is exactly what I needed, works very good. What else can I say, it pumps the liquid out of my septic tank to a leach field that is higher than the septic.
    From: Sactor | Date: 01/12/2022
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    Powerful 10 hp vertical mud pump
    The 10 hp vertical mud pump is very powerful. I follow the procedure to use, the effect is very good. Mud pump material is solid, for the external environment tolerance also very good.
    From: Alston | Date: 24/10/2022
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