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    5 HP Vertical Mud Pump, 4 inch, 380V

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    Mud pump 5 hp with vertical type and pure copper motor. High quality pump body of mud pump and 5 hp mud pump price is reasonable. The voltage of 380V allows you to use the mud suction pump with confidence. 4 inch mud pump can be used in the suction of river mud and slurry feed.
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    5 hp vertical mud pump with pure copper motor and thick pump body. Motor with fan heat dissipation, dehydration use will not burn submersible mud pump.


    • Solid shaft. Mud pump with high quality solid spindle of carbon steel.
    • Pump body thick. The pump body is made of high quality pig iron, durable and equipped with a thickened base. Thickened impeller, wear-resistant and dry rotating.
    • Copper motor. Vertical mud pump with the motor are all copper wire three phase 380V motor.


    • Model: NL100-8
    • Power: 5 HP (4 kW)
    • Voltage: 380V
    • Flow: 80-100 m3/h
    • Caliber: 4 inch (100 mm)
    • Motor: copper motor
    • Rotate Speed: 1450 r/min
    • Pump Lift: 8-9m
    • Height of Pump: 1.2m
    • Net Weight: 80 kg

    Mud Pump Structure:

    Mud pump structure

    Method of Operation:

    Vertical mud pump method of operation

    (Place the vertical mud pump upright or tilted in the liquid. Make sure the pump case is completely submerged in water. In addition, the motor part can not be immersed in water.)

    Tips: Precautions For Mud Pump Installation

    • The installation may be vertical or inclined, but the motor must not come into contact with water.
    • Three phase power to be connected, not connected easily lead to lack of phase burning motor.
    • The bottom of the pump should avoid large particles into the stuck impeller, such as found that the pump does not turn should immediately stop the inspection.
    • The motor has positive and negative rotation. Please ensure that the motor is running in the same direction as the pump before use.
    • The bottom of the mud pump body is not painted, there are some pumps at the bottom of the pump body for a long time there will be some rust.
    Existing reviews of 5 HP Vertical Mud Pump, 4 inch, 380V
    Excellent 5 hp mud pump
    I had this 5 hp mud pump in use for 3 months in a pump basin for our drains outside. The pump works great, and even cleared several small rocks through the line.
    From: Guyenng | Date: 13/12/2022
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    For my pond
    I bought this 5 hp mud pump for my pond. It has been running constantly since I got it. It is working perfectly for the purpose that I am using it for, so I'm positive it would work great for it's intended purpose. Highly recommended!!
    From: Monzer | Date: 07/12/2022
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    This 5 hp mud pump is very practical
    This 5 hp mud pump is very practical. I installed it as written on the product page, and mud pump worked fine and didn't disappoint me at all. Highly recommended!!!
    From: Jakko | Date: 05/08/2022
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