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    4 HP Vertical Mud Pump, 3 inch, 380V

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    3 inch mud pump with affordable price for sale online. Solid spindle of carbon steel, pure copper motor and high quality pump body of this 4 hp vertical mud pump. This drilling mud pump adopts thick leaved impeller. Fish pond, septic tank can often be found mud pump.
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    4 hp (3 kW) vertical mud pump with 1.2m high and 75 mm caliber. Solid spindle of carbon steel can ensure the long use of submersible mud pump. This type of mud pump is essential in oil and gas drilling, as well as in water well drilling and other geological exploration activities.


    • Solid shaft. Mud pump with high quality solid spindle of carbon steel.
    • Pump body thick. The pump body is made of high quality pig iron, durable and equipped with a thickened base. Thickened impeller, wear-resistant and dry rotating.
    • Copper motor. Vertical mud pump with the motor are all copper wire three phase 380V motor.


    • Model: NL75-8
    • Power: 4 HP (3 kW)
    • Voltage: 380V
    • Flow: 40-45 m3/h
    • Caliber: 3 inch (75 mm)
    • Motor: copper motor
    • Rotate Speed: 1450 r/min
    • Pump Lift: 8-10m
    • Height of Pump: 1.2m
    • Net Weight: 68 kg

    Mud Pump Structure:

    Mud pump structure

    Method of Operation:

    Vertical mud pump method of operation

    (Place the vertical mud pump upright or tilted in the liquid. Make sure the pump case is completely submerged in water. In addition, the motor part can not be immersed in water.)

    Tips: Difference Between Mud Pump and Sewage Pump

    Sewage pump is mainly used for industrial sewage, sewage treatment, in environmental protection has played a great role. The sewage pump is also a sewage pump with a cutting wheel, so the sewage pump can cut up the dirt, and then the sewage is extracted clean. Mud pump without cutting impeller, mostly used for pumping mud. The two main performance parameters of mud pump are displacement and pressure, displacement to discharge a number of liters per minute calculation, and drilling diameter and the required flushing fluid from the bottom of the hole back speed, that is, the larger the aperture, the larger the required displacement. The upward return velocity of the flushing fluid is required to flush cuttings and rock powders removed from the bottom of the hole in time and carry them reliably to the surface. By drilling and pumping, the mud under the ground can be obtained.

    Existing reviews of 4 HP Vertical Mud Pump, 3 inch, 380V
    Exactly what I needed
    This 4 hp vertical mud pump is exactly what I needed to get gallons of water pumped from my basement, we can focus on replacing the faulty pump. Highly recommended!!!
    From: Guyenng | Date: 20/11/2022
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