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    10 Ton Adjustable Beam Clamp for Lifting

    Industrial adjustable beam clamp for lifting at economical price, with 10 ton load capacity, made from alloy steel, applicable 80~320mm I-beams. Beam clamps are commonly used in applications such as hanging electrical conduits, piping systems, HVAC ductwork, or cable trays from overhead beams.
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    Heavy duty 10 ton adjustable beam clamp is a mechanical device used in construction and engineering applications to securely attach and lift loads to an overhead beam or structure. It is designed to provide a quick and efficient method of suspending or hanging equipment, such as lighting fixtures, HVAC systems, piping, or electrical conduits.


    • Model: ATO-JG-10
    • Load Capacity: 10 Ton
    • Experimental Load: 122.58 KN
    • Applicable I-beams: 80~320mm
    • Material: Alloy Steel
    • Weight: 16kg

    Dimensions (Unit: mm)

    Adjustable beam clamp for lifting dimensions

    A (Max.) B (Min.) B (Max.) C D E F (Min.) F (Max.) G H
    365 320 505 120 12 280 235 170 50 40

    Tips: What angle can a beam clamp load?

    A beam clamp is a mechanical device used to secure or suspend loads on beams, often in construction or rigging applications. The angle at which a beam clamp can safely bear a load depends on several factors, including its design, material, and load capacity.

    Beam clamps are typically engineered and tested to withstand vertical loads applied perpendicular to the beam's axis. They are designed to distribute the load evenly across the beam and maintain a secure grip. When the load is applied at an angle, the effective load capacity of the beam clamp decreases due to the increased lateral force and potential for slippage.

    The specific angle at which a beam clamp can bear a load varies depending on the manufacturer and the intended use of the clamp. Generally, it is recommended to avoid applying loads at extreme angles to ensure the clamp's optimal performance and safety. It is advisable to consult the specifications and guidelines for the particular beam clamp being used to determine the acceptable load angle limits. Adhering to these guidelines will help ensure the structural integrity and safe operation of the beam clamp and prevent accidents or failures.

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