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    3 Ton Adjustable Beam Clamp for Lifting

    Cost-effective adjustable beam clamp comes with 3 ton load capacity, made from alloy steel, applicable 80~220mm I-beams. This heavy duty beam clamp is a mechanical device used in construction and industrial applications to provide a secure attachment point for lifting or supporting loads from structural beams.
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    3 ton adjustable beam clamp is a mechanical device used in construction and engineering applications to securely attach and lift loads to an overhead beam or structure. It is designed to provide a quick and efficient method of suspending or hanging equipment, such as lighting fixtures, HVAC systems, piping, or electrical conduits.


    • Model: ATO-JG-3
    • Load Capacity: 3 Ton
    • Experimental Load: 4.5 Ton
    • Applicable I-beams: 80~220mm
    • Material: Alloy Steel
    • Weight: 9.5kg

    Dimensions (Unit: mm)

    Adjustable beam clamp for lifting dimensions

    A (Max.) B (Min.) B (Max.) C D E F (Min.) F (Max.) G H
    354 235 490 103 8 260 225 140 45 25

    Tips: What does a beam block clamp do?

    A beam block clamp is a specialized device used in construction and engineering applications to secure and stabilize beams or structural members. It is designed to hold beams firmly in place, preventing them from shifting or moving during construction or while other operations are being carried out.

    The clamp consists of two main components: a sturdy body with a clamping mechanism and adjustable jaws. The body is typically made of durable materials such as steel to provide strength and stability. The jaws are designed to grip the beam securely, exerting a strong clamping force.

    The primary function of a beam block clamp is to secure beams when they need to be temporarily held in position. It is often used during welding, bolting, or other tasks that require stability and accuracy. The clamp helps ensure that beams remain in the desired position, preventing any unwanted movement that could compromise the structural integrity of the project.

    Beam block clamps are adjustable, allowing them to accommodate beams of different sizes and shapes. They are versatile tools used in various construction projects, including the installation of steel structures, bridges, and frameworks. By providing a reliable grip on beams, these clamps contribute to safe and efficient construction practices.

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