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    5 Ton Adjustable Beam Clamp for Lifting

    Factory price adjustable beam clamp for lifting. This beam clamp is a mechanical device used in construction and industrial settings to secure and support I-beams, 5 ton load capacity, made from alloy steel, applicable 80~320mm I-beams, widely used in the construction, HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), and industrial sectors.
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    5 ton adjustable beam clamps are widely used in the installation of electrical conduit, piping, ductwork, and other equipment that needs to be suspended from overhead structures. They offer a convenient and reliable solution for securely hanging or supporting loads, making them an essential tool in construction and industrial settings.


    • Model: ATO-JG-5
    • Load Capacity: 5 Ton
    • Experimental Load: 7.5 Ton
    • Applicable I-beams: 80~320mm
    • Material: Alloy Steel
    • Weight: 11kg

    Dimensions (Unit: mm)

    Adjustable beam clamp for lifting dimensions

    A (Max.) B (Min.) B (Max.) C D E F (Min.) F (Max.) G H
    354 235 490 110 10 260 225 140 45 28

    Tips: What is a beam clamp?

    A beam clamp is a mechanical device used in construction and industrial applications to securely attach objects or equipment to an overhead beam or structural support. It is designed to provide a safe and efficient method of suspending or hanging loads from beams without causing damage to the structure.

    Typically made of durable materials such as steel or iron, a beam clamp consists of a clamp body with jaws that grip the beam and a threaded rod or bolt for attaching the load. The clamp body is often equipped with a swivel or rotating mechanism, allowing for easy positioning and alignment of the load.

    Beam clamps come in various designs and load capacities to accommodate different beam sizes and weight requirements. They are commonly used in scenarios such as hanging pipes, conduit, cable trays, lighting fixtures, and HVAC equipment from overhead beams or supports.

    The installation process of a beam clamp is relatively straightforward. The clamp is positioned around the beam, and the jaws are tightened securely using the threaded rod or bolt. This creates a stable connection between the load and the beam, ensuring safety and stability.

    Beam clamps play a crucial role in construction and industrial settings by providing a reliable and versatile means of suspending loads from overhead structures, enabling efficient use of space and enhancing workflow.

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