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    10 Ton Electric Beam Trolley

    Buy economical price 10 ton electric beam trolley for electric chain hoist, with 10 tonne load capacity, running speed 11~21 m/min, motor voltage 380V or 110V, motor power 0.75 KW, min. turning radius 2.5, applicable I-beams 150~220mm. This electric beam trolley is a versatile handling device used in various industrial settings.
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    10 ton electric beam trolley is designed to traverse along an overhead beam system, providing a flexible solution for moving heavy loads horizontally. The beam trolley is equipped with an electric motor that drives the wheels, allowing smooth and controlled movement along the beam.


    • Model: ATO-HX-10
    • Load Capacity: 10 Ton
    • Running Speed: 11~21 m/min
    • Motor Voltage: 380V/ 110V
    • Motor Power: 0.75 KW
    • Minimum Turning Radius: 2.5
    • Applicable I-beams: 150~220mm


    Electric beam trolley dimensions

    A B R T
    500mm 371mm 142mm 231mm

    Tips: What is the difference between push and geared beam trolley?

    A push beam trolley and a geared beam trolley are two different types of mechanisms used to move loads along an overhead beam or track. The main difference lies in how they are operated and the control they offer.

    A push beam trolley is a simple manual device that requires physical force to push or pull the load. It typically consists of wheels or rollers that run along the beam, allowing the trolley to move horizontally. The operator exerts force directly on the trolley, either by pushing or pulling it along the beam. Push beam trolleys are straightforward to use but rely entirely on the operator's strength and can be physically demanding for moving heavy loads.

    On the other hand, a geared beam trolley is a more advanced mechanism that incorporates a geared mechanism for better control and ease of movement. It features a hand chain or lever that enables the operator to engage gears, providing mechanical advantage and reducing the effort required to move the load. Geared beam trolleys allow for precise positioning and smoother operation, as the gears assist in maintaining a consistent speed and reducing the risk of load slippage.

    All in all, while both push beam trolleys and geared beam trolleys are used for moving loads along beams, the difference lies in the level of control and effort required. Push beam trolleys rely solely on the operator's physical force, while geared beam trolleys incorporate gears for better control, reduced effort, and improved precision.

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