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    10 ton Hydraulic Toe Jack

    Factory price 10 ton hydraulic toe jack available with a lifting stroke of 20-148mm, suitable for tasks such as lifting machinery, equipment, vehicles, heavy structures or any object that requires precise and controlled lifting.
    SKU: ATO-HTJ-10T
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    The provided 10 ton hydraulic jack is equipped with a 5 ton toe lifting capacity and 20-148mm lifting stroke, provides high stability and safety during lifting operations.


    • Model: ATO-MHC-5RS
    • Dimension: 260x100x283mm
    • Lifting Stroke: 20-148mm
    • Lifting Capacity: 10 ton (Head), 5 ton (Toe)
    • Weight: 24kg


    • The jack toe is as low as 2cm, which can solve the lifting problem of low starting point equipment.
    • It is made of high-quality stainless steel springs and sealing rings, with precise double-layer oil separation, and long wear-resistant life.
    • Equipped with a durable small oil pump, the hydraulic toe jack can be rotated 360° for use in a variety of scenarios.

    Schematic Diagram

    Hydraulic toe jack schematic diagram


    Hydraulic toe jack applications

    Tips: Hydraulic Bottle Jack vs. Hydraulic Toe Jack

    Hydraulic bottle jacks and hydraulic toe jacks are both hydraulic lifting devices commonly used in various industrial applications. However, they have different designs and functionalities.

    Hydraulic bottle jacks are shaped like a bottle, with a cylindrical body and a hydraulic ram extending vertically. They are primarily designed for lifting heavy loads in a vertical direction. Bottle jacks are often used in automotive repair shops, construction sites, and other applications where vertical lifting is required. They typically have a higher lifting capacity compared to toe jacks and are suitable for lifting vehicles, machinery, and other heavy objects.

    On the other hand, hydraulic toe jacks are specifically designed for lifting loads from a low height or in confined spaces. They feature a flat, low-profile design with a lifting pad or toe at the bottom. Toe jacks are commonly used for lifting heavy machinery, equipment, and objects with limited ground clearance. They provide a stable and controlled lifting operation, allowing for precise positioning in tight spaces.

    In summary, hydraulic bottle jacks are ideal for the vertical lifting of heavy loads, while hydraulic toe jacks are designed for lifting loads from low heights or in confined spaces. The choice between the two depends on the specific lifting requirements and the environment in which they will be used.

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