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    20 ton Hydraulic Toe Jack

    The provided 20 ton hydraulic toe jack is a special hydraulic lifting equipment for lifting heavy objects, 10 ton toe lifting capacity, 25-158mm lifting stroke, used in automobile maintenance, energy industry, port and ship maintenance, etc.
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    Get a quality 20 ton hydraulic toe jack at low price. It has a hydraulic mechanism that can control the lifting and lowering of the load, 10 ton toe lifting capacity, 25-158mm lifting stroke, easy to use and operate, safe and stable.


    • Model: ATO-MHC-10RS
    • Dimension: 295x220x322mm
    • Lifting Stroke: 25-158mm
    • Lifting Capacity: 20 ton (Head), 10 ton (Toe)
    • Weight: 36kg


    • The jack toe is as low as 2cm, which can solve the lifting problem of low starting point equipment.
    • It is made of high-quality stainless steel springs and sealing rings, with precise double-layer oil separation, and long wear-resistant life.
    • Equipped with a durable small oil pump, the hydraulic toe jack can be rotated 360° for use in a variety of scenarios.

    Schematic Diagram

    Hydraulic toe jack schematic diagram


    Hydraulic toe jack applications

    Tips: What are toe jacks used for?

    • Machinery installation: Toe jacks are often used during the installation of heavy machinery or equipment. They can be placed under the load, and their adjustable toe provides a secure lifting point. This allows for precise positioning and leveling of the machinery.
    • Rigging and moving loads: Toe jacks are useful in rigging and moving heavy loads. They can be used to lift loads from a low height, such as moving pallets, containers, or heavy objects. The toe of the jack can fit under the load, and by pumping the hydraulic handle, the load can be elevated for transport or relocation.
    • Construction and structural work: In construction projects, toe jacks are utilized to lift and support structural components, such as beams or columns. They enable workers to align and adjust these elements during installation or repair work.
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