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    5 ton Hydraulic Toe Jack

    5 ton hydraulic toe jack for sale online, with 5 ton head, 2.5 ton toe lifting capacity, and 16-115mm lifting stroke. It is a special hydraulic lifting equipment for lifting heavy objects in various industries.
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    Low price 5 ton hydraulic toe jack with 16-115mm lifting stroke, typically used for tasks such as lifting machinery, equipment, vehicles, heavy structures or any object that requires precise and controlled lifting.


    • Model: ATO-MHC-2.5RS
    • Dimension: 210x140x232mm
    • Lifting Stroke:16-115mm
    • Lifting Capacity: 5 ton (Head), 2.5 ton (Toe)
    • Weight: 11kg


    • The jack toe is as low as 2cm, which can solve the lifting problem of low starting point equipment.
    • It is made of high-quality stainless steel springs and sealing rings, with precise double-layer oil separation, and long wear-resistant life.
    • Equipped with a durable small oil pump, the hydraulic toe jack can be rotated 360° for use in a variety of scenarios.

    Schematic Diagram

    Hydraulic toe jack schematic diagram


    Hydraulic toe jack applications

    Tips: What is a hydraulic toe jack?

    A hydraulic toe jack is a specialized lifting device that uses hydraulic power to lift heavy objects. It is designed to provide a stable and controlled lifting operation, particularly for lifting loads from a low height or in confined spaces.

    The toe jack consists of a robust steel frame with a hydraulic cylinder and a toe or lifting pad at the bottom. The toe is positioned beneath the load, and as hydraulic pressure is applied, it exerts upward force to lift the load. The toe jack is operated by a manual hydraulic pump or, in some cases, an electric pump.

    The toe jack typically has a compact and low-profile design, making it suitable for lifting applications where traditional lifting equipment may not be feasible or accessible. It is commonly used in industrial settings, such as machinery installation, equipment maintenance, and moving heavy objects in workshops, factories, and construction sites.

    One of the advantages of a hydraulic toe jack is its ability to lift heavy loads with precision. It allows for controlled lifting and positioning, thanks to the hydraulic system that provides smooth and gradual lifting action. The toe jack often features adjustable height positions to accommodate various lifting requirements.

    Overall, a hydraulic toe jack is a versatile and powerful lifting tool that utilizes hydraulic pressure to lift heavy objects safely and efficiently. Its compact design and precise lifting capabilities make it a valuable asset in many industrial lifting operations.

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