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    1000μF 35V Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor

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    Lower cost aluminum electrolytic capacitor for sale. High voltage electrolytic capacitor with direct plug installation type, cap. tolerance is ±20%, 10% dissipation factor. The 1000μF 35V electrolytic capacitor has advantages of high reliability, high ripple current, small size and long service life.
    SKU: ATO-EC-KF102M035G
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    High voltage capacitor with 5000 hours endurance, 1000 hours shelf life, operating tempertaure -40~105℃. Aluminum capacitor is widely used in automotive, smart home, medical, industrial control and new energy industries.


    • Endurance: 105℃- 2000 hours up to 5000 hours
    • Low impedance and high ripple current
    • High reliability
    • Wide voltage range


    Model ATO-EC-KF102M035G
    Series Low impedance 105°C type
    Capacity 1000 
    Rated voltage 35V
    Installation Type Direct plug
    Size 10*30 mm
    Operating temperature -40~105℃
    Cap. tolerance (C) ±20% (120Hz 20℃)
    Dissipation factor (tanδ) 10%
    Low temperature characteristic at 120Hz (Z ratio max.) 3 (Z-25℃/ Z+20℃)
    Leakage current (Lleak) 0.01*CR*Vor 3  * after 2 minutes
    Enduarance (105℃) Test 5000h
    ∆C 20% of initial measured value
    tanδ ≤200% of specified measured value
    Lleak ≤ the specified measured value
    Shelf life (105℃) Test 1000h
    ∆C 20% of initial measured value
    tanδ ≤200% of specified measured value
    Lleak ≤ the specified measured value

    Dimension (mm)

    Electrolytic capacitor dimension

    Model Dimension (mm)
     ATO-EC-KF101M D 13
    F 5
    ∅d 0.6
    a 1.5

    Tips: What is Electrolytic Capacitor?

    Electrolytic capacitor is a kind of capacitor, the metal foil is the positive electrode (aluminum or tantalum), the oxide film (aluminum oxide or tantalum pentoxide) close to the positive electrode is the dielectric, and the cathode is made of conductive material and electrolyte (the electrolyte can be liquid or tantalum pentoxide). Solid) and other materials together, because the electrolyte is the main part of the cathode, so the electrolytic capacitor is named. At the same time, the positive and negative electrolytic capacitors should not be wrongly connected.

    Existing reviews of 1000μF 35V Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor
    Professional electrolytic capacitor
    It is a good electrolytic capacitor and a good must-have if you are a student or a professional in electronic design. I need parts for my electronics hobby and they are a good source and I like the packaging.
    From: Maël | Date: 28/06/2022
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