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    100W 12V 3000rpm DC Brushed Vibration Motor with Speed Controller

    100 Watt brushed vibration motor, speed of 3000 rpm, 12VDC voltage, rated current 4.2A, force 50 Kg, can choose a controller that matches the vibration motor, easy to adjust speed. The DC brushed vibration motor has large and powerful torque, energy saving and high efficiency.
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    Powerful dc brushed vibration motor for sale, 100W power, voltage 12 volt, 4.2 amps, 3000 rpm, exciting force 0.5 kN, speed controller can be selected, vibration motor has the characteristics of small size and strong power.


    Model ATO-MVE-50DC12
    Volatge 24V
    Current 9.4A
    Power 100W
    Speed 3000 rpm
    Force 50 Kg, 0.5 kN
    Frame No 10
    Protection Level IP65
    Insulation Grade F
    Weight 4.5kg
    Certificate CE

    100W DC Brushed Vibration Motor Dimension (unit: mm)
    100W dc brushed vibration motor dimension

    A A1 B B1 C D E F G G1 H L K M N Cable Gland
    70 33 107 97 212 130 135 12.5 10 10 52.5 120 17 46 88 M16*1.5

    100W DC Brushed Vibration Motor Structure
    DC brushed vibration motor structure
    Vibration motor power supply

    Since the output cable of the vibration motor is subject to vibration, a heavy-duty four-core cable should be used. It is not allowed to bend suddenly near the cable outlet. It should have a bending radius 8-9 times larger than the outer diameter of the cable, and then fix the cable to a stationary position. Moving machine or frame. The distance is about 0.6 meters to 0.9 meters. The clamps of the fixed cables should be padded with soft insulating materials to avoid friction and damage to the cables. One end of the ground wire of the four-core cable is connected to the ground screw in the junction box, and the other end must be reliably grounded. Small-size vibration motor, there is no junction box on the casing, use a heavy-duty three-core cable to connect directly from the inside of the motor. A grounding screw is installed near the foot of the motor, and it must be grounded reliably during use.

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