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    160W 12V/24V 3000rpm DC Brushed Vibration Motor with Speed Controller

    Waterproof brushed vibration motor, 160W, DC voltage 12V or 24V, speed controller is optional, IP65, can withstand low-pressure water jets, force 2 kN, strong power, meet the needs of various industrial vibration equipment.
    SKU: ATO-DCVBM-160124
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    12V DC brushed vibration motor, optional speed controller, 3600rpm speed, insulation class F, IP65, vibration motor can be used in harsh environments where combustible dust may exist.

    Note: The brushless DC vibration motor requires a controller to operate. If you have not purchased our controller before, it is recommended to place an order with the controller.


    Model ATO-MVE-200DC1224
    Volatge 12V 24V
    Current 13.3A 6.7A
    Power 100W
    Speed 3000 rpm
    Force 20 Kg, 2 Kn
    Frame No 23
    Protection Level IP65
    Insulation Grade F
    Weight 6.5kg
    Certificate CE

    160W  DC Brushed Vibration Motor Dimension (unit: mm)
    160W dc brushed vibration motor dimension

    A A1 B B1 C D E F G G1 H L K M N Cable Gland
    68 115 106 134.5 217 164 141 24.5 10 11 80.5 160 18 80 114 M20*1.5

    160W DC Brushed Vibration Motor Structure
    160W dc brushed vibration motor structure
    Classification of vibration motors according to structure and working principle

    According to the different structure and working principle of the motor, it can be divided into DC motor, asynchronous motor and synchronous motor.

    Synchronous motors can also be divided into permanent magnet synchronous motors, reluctance synchronous motors and hysteresis synchronous motors.

    Asynchronous motors can be divided into induction motors and AC commutator motors. Induction motors are divided into three-phase asynchronous motors, single-phase asynchronous motors and shaded-pole asynchronous motors. AC commutator motors are divided into single-phase series motors, AC and DC dual-purpose motors and repulsion motors.

    According to the structure and working principle, DC motors can be divided into brushless DC motors and brushed DC motors. Brushed DC motors can be divided into permanent magnet DC motors and electromagnetic DC motors. Electromagnetic DC motors are divided into series-excited DC motors, shunt-excited DC motors, separately-excited DC motors and compound-excited DC motors. Permanent magnet DC motors are further divided into rare earth permanent magnet DC motors, ferrite permanent magnet DC motors and Alnico permanent magnet DC motors.

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