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    10hp (7.5kW) Explosion Proof Motor, 380V, 2P/ 3P/ 4P

    10hp explosion proof motor at affordable price. Flameproof motor with rated frequency 50Hz, B3/ B5/ B35 three mounting types are optional, 3000r/min/ 1500r/min/ 1000r/min synchronous speed. Flameproof three-phase asynchronous motor is widely used in sectors such as textiles, metallurgy, city gas, transportation, grain and oil processing, papermaking, and medicine.
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    Factory price flameproof motor with 2P/ 3P/ 4P can be chosen, rated voltage 380V, -20~40℃ ambient temperature, IP55 enclosure and IC411 cooling type.


    Model WEX3-132S2
    Numbers of poles 2P/ 4P/ 6P
    Synchronous speed 3000r/min/ 1500r/min/ 1000r/min
    Mounting types B3/ B5/ B35
    Rated power 10hp (7.5kW)
    Rated voltage 380V (380V-660V can be customized)
    Frequency 50Hz
    Duty S1
    Ambient temperature -20℃~40℃
    Altitude ≤1000m
    Humidity ≤90%
    Terminal box position Top
    Type of cable entry Cable grand
    Enclosure IP55
    Inverter operation Inverter use ready up to 500V acc
    Insulation Class F
    Cooling type IC411
    Shaft key Type A
    Lubrication Sealed
    Connectiom "Y" connection
    Fan material Engineered plastic
    Rotation direction Clockwise rotation at drive end
    Winding temperature measurement Thermistors (PTC)
    Anti-corrosion grade C3
    Certificates IEC, EX, ATEX
    Explosion-proof mark Ex d I Mb, Ex d ⅡB T4 Gb, Ex d ⅡC T4 Gb
    Warranty 12 months

    Dimensions (mm)

    Mounting type Frame size Mounting dimensions(mm) Outline dimensions (mm)
    Ex db eb Ex db
    B3 132S 216 108 140 89 132 4 12 - - - - - - 56 50 22 23.5 - 262 266 250 187 18 20 249 392 395 515
    B35 216 108 140 89 132 4 12 265 230 300 0 14.5 4 56 50 22 23.5 16 262 266 250 187 18 20 249 392 395 515
    B5 - - - - 132 - - 265 230 300 0 14.5 4 - - - - 16 - - - - - - 249 410 413 515

    Dimension of explosion proof of B3

    Dimension of explosion proof of B35

    Dimension of explosion proof of B5

    Frame size Shaft (mm)
    D E F GA DB
    132S 38 80 10 41 M12*28

    Dimension of explosion proof motor of draft


    7500W Explosion Proof Motor Details

    Tips: How to Maintain Explosion Proof Motor?

    1. When inspecting the stator core, pay attention to whether the stator core is compressed. If the core is found to be loose, a wedge made of an insulating plate should be driven into the slack; when inspecting the slot of the stator coil, pay attention to the coil Notch section. Loose and discolored slot wedges must be dealt with.

    2. When checking the end of the coil, check the insulation for damage and the condition of the paint film. Pay attention to the end fixation. If there is a loose end at the end, a spacer should be added, or a new spacer and tie wire should be used to fasten the end; the insulation paint film at the end of the coil should be cracked or peeled off, and should be re-strengthened insulation.

    3. Note that no debris should be left in the motor. Use a megger to measure the insulation resistance of the coil.

    4. When the rotor is overhauled, blow the rotor clean with compressed air; check the welding condition of the coil, wire rod and joint; check and deal with the loose and damaged wedge; check the fan itself and its fixing condition; check the condition of the slip ring, The unevenness of the slip ring surface should not exceed 0.5mm; check the insulation of the rotor coil and the tie wires, and strengthen the insulation if necessary.

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