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    10L Rotary Vacuum Evaporator, 20-120 rpm

    The versatile rotary vacuum evaporator has a brushless motor with 250W power, a rotating flask capacity of 10L, and a speed range of 20-120rpm. Laboratory vacuum evaporator uses a double-layer serpentine coil condenser for fast condensation and rapid temperature reduction.
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    A rotary vacuum evaporator adopts the combination of Teflon + fluoroelastomer, bi-directional sealing can maintain high vacuum degree. It features a digital temperature display, intelligent thermostat, and PID control. An industrial rotary evaporator is designed for superior performance and ease of use and is the ideal solution for solvent evaporation, concentration, and distillation applications.


    Model ATO-RE1010
    Rotating Bottle 10L, F125MM
    Collection Bottle 5L, Lower feeding
    Speed ​Mode Digital display frequency conversion speed regulation
    Rotating Motor Power 250W
    Host Speed 20-120 rpm
    Condensation Area 0.42 m2 (main cooling), 0.33 m2 (secondary cooling)
    Evaporation Rate 3.2 L/h (water), 8.6L/h (ethanol)
    Achieved Vacuum <133 Pa (1 33mbar, 1Tor)
    Bath Power 3 kW
    Condenser Vertical, main cooling + auxiliary cooling, high-efficiency double return condenser
    Temperature Control Range & Fluctuation Room temperature -99 °C (200) ± 0.5
    Temperature Display Mode Liquid crystal display
    Bathtub SUS304 material, φ370mm* 220mm
    Lifting Function Electric lift
    Vacuum Connection Diameter Outer diameter 12mm
    Condensed Water Diameter Outer diameter 15mm
    Power Supply 220V/50Hz
    Dimension 990*550*1740mm
    Weight 95kg



    • PTFE and fluororubber dual sealing ensure high vacuum degree.
    • The exhaust nozzle of the condenser is positioned below for safer connection with the vacuum tube.
    • The rotary vacuum evaporator has a modular design with strong scalability.
    • Convenient lifting operation to avoid movement of the glass parts, ensuring safety and ease of use.
    • The rotational speed and bath temperature are displayed digitally and controlled by PID for high temperature control accuracy.
    • The bath is separated from the 10L rotary evaporator, allowing flexible configuration.
    • The motor, heater, and electrical control box are all explosion-proof, and the explosion-proof grade is d II BT4.


    Rotary evaporators are commonly used in laboratories and industries for efficient solvent evaporation and concentration processes, such as in pharmaceutical research, chemical synthesis, and essential oil extraction.

    Rotary evaporator applications

    Tips: What is a rotary evaporator?

    A rotary evaporator, also known as a rotovap, is a laboratory instrument used for distillation and solvent recovery. It is commonly used in chemistry, biochemistry, and other fields where the separation of solvents or the concentration of solutions is required.

    The basic design of a rotary evaporator consists of a motorized rotating flask, a heating bath or water bath, a condenser, and a vacuum system. The process begins by filling the rotating flask with the liquid mixture or solution that needs to be concentrated or purified. The flask is then attached to the rotary drive, which rotates the flask at a controlled speed.

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